If you need a break from the exhibit floor, take a seat in one of our state-of-the-art theaters.

The domed giant-screen Dr. Phillips CineDome and high-definition Digital Adventure Theater both offer exciting content daily, which are included with general admission. Content changes regularly, so be sure to check the theater schedule before you arrive to find out what’s playing.

Reserve a theater for your private function!

Both theaters are available for private rentals for film screenings, award presentations, team meetings, talent shows, and so much more.

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July 4th Celebration Laser Show

Dr. Phillips CineDome

Giant-Screen Theater – Level 1*

Sit back and be amazed by the dazzling visuals dancing across the screen! Laser imagery is accompanied by some of your beloved pop classics. It’s like going to a live show, just without the band. Laser shows combine music and real-time laser artwork to interpret your favorite jams like you’ve never experienced them before.

Immerse yourself in an energetic festival of light and sound. Laser shows are appropriate for all members of the families with some shows created especially for the youngest music fans. These shows do feature flashing lights and loud music so they are not recommended if you are sensitive to light or sound.
*Wheelchair access located via Level 3.

Guests listening to presenter on stage of Digital Adventure Theater.

Digital Adventure Theater

Immersive Digital Films – Level 2

Dive into the action inside the stadium-seated Digital Adventure Theater. Films are presented in 2D with state-of-the-art 4K digital projection and 7.1 surround sound, offering a fully immersive experience.

The Digital Adventure Theater is also home to Science Live! Shows, which are designed to delight and entertain while also aligning with Sunshine State educational standards. The electrifying “High Voltage” show, explosive “Kaboom!” show, heroic “Super Science” show and more will show you the science in fact and fiction.

Now Showing – General Audience

Content changes seasonally. Check the theater schedule prior to your visit to find out what special experiences will be offered.

Laser Light Show Imagery

KidsTown Bop– Laser Light Show

Dr. Phillips CineDome

Designed specifically for children ages three to five, offering a mix of sing-along nursery rhymes and kid-friendly tunes.

Laser Light Show Imagery

Summer Jam – Laser Light Show

Dr. Phillips CineDome

A fun mix featuring pop/rock music that heralds the arrival of warm, sunny days and seaside breezes.

Micro Monsters

Digital Adventure Theater

Super powers exist. Right here on Earth. And they are beneath our feet. They include beetles that shoot chemical fire and lift enormous weights; scorpions that glow in the dark with astonishing crushing powers; spiders that can make themselves virtually invisible and hypnotise their prey; even a bug that can transform itself into another creature entirely.


Secrets of the Universe

Digital Adventure Theater

We are at the beginning of a period of unprecedented technological advancement, catalyzing a new age of scientific discovery. Travel with us on this immersive giant screen film, as we explore the most exciting machines ever conceived by man, including the Large Hadron Collider and James Webb Space Telescope. See how these new experiments allow us to look deeper into our origins, and unveil the mysteries of dark energy, dark matter and extra dimensions.


Sea Lions – Life by a Whisker 2D

Digital Adventure Theater

A heart-warming journey of a sea lion pup, and the man that has dedicated his life trying to save her species. Embark on an epic quest through the uninhabited wilderness of the Great Australian Bight, to the lush kelp forests off the Californian coast.