Dr. Dare’s Lab

Scheduled Times – Level 4

The Science Center provides all the materials and instructions you’ll need to become a real scientist!


With guidance from our staff, explore colorful light, electrifying circuits, crazy chemical reactions, or investigative forensics! The possibilities are endless for guests of all ages.


Discover something new in Dr. Dare’s Lab, where you can participate in open experiments on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Science Live!

Check the Science Live! Calendar or pick up a Daily Schedule to see what’s happening during your visit. Content and times subject to change. 

Dr. Dare's Lab Open Experiments and Workshops

February 2020

All programs and times are subject to change

Open Lab Experiments

Engineering Lab

February 1 & 2

February 15 & 16

February 22 &23

February 29 & March 1


Stations will include:

  1. Strawberry DNA: Become a chemical engineer and learn what’s really inside a strawberry
  2. Can You Hear Me Now?: Use a Cup Telephone to Learn How Sound Travels
  3. Squishy Circuits Part 1: Make your own conductive dough
  4. Squishy Circuits Part 2: Make a circuit using your conductive dough
  5. Strongest Shape: Make a structure to withstand the forces of nature
  6. Coding with Porygon: Use colorful code to make a robot dance
  7. Popsicle Catapults: Turn potential energy into kinetic energy

Fairytale Weekend Experiments

Miss Cackle’s Magic School  – Themed to The Worst Witch book series

February 8 & 9

  1. Glowing Goo: Make a glowing non-Newtonian potion
  2. Switching Spell: Switch one thing to another
  3. Color-Changing Potion: Create a potion that changes color as you brew it
  4. Ghost Banishment Spell: Banish ghosts using chemistry
  5. Levitation Spell: Make water defy gravity
  6. Swirling Spell: Tie-dye milk with colorful swirls
  7. Hands-on Magic: Conjure up a magical slime to test your powers