Dr. Dare’s Lab

Scheduled Times – Level 4

The Science Center provides all the materials and instructions you’ll need to become a real scientist!


With guidance from our staff, explore colorful light, electrifying circuits, crazy chemical reactions, or investigative forensics! The possibilities are endless for guests of all ages.


Discover something new in Dr. Dare’s Lab, where you can participate in open experiments on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Science Live!

Check the Science Live! Calendar or pick up a Daily Schedule to see what’s happening during your visit. Content and times subject to change. 

Dr. Dare's Lab Open Experiments and Workshops

March 2020

All programs and times are subject to change

Open Lab Experiments

Earth Science & Climatology

Stations will include:

  1.  Investigating Clouds: Make a Cloud in a Bottle
  2. Temperature Mapping: Seeing Earth’s Temperature
  3. The Unseen World: Exploring with Digital Microscopes
  4. Soaking Up the Sun: Visualizing UV Radiation
  5. Bear’s Shadow: Why does Bear’s Shadow Move?
  6. Paper Mountains: What Happens After a Storm?
  7. Water You Talking About?: Testing Water Quality for Aquatic Animals