Science Live!

Scheduled Times  – Levels 1 - 4

Our exhibits are designed to inspire curiosity and exploration, our Science Live! programs are designed to bring the exhibits to life.

Whether it’s a live show in the Digital Adventure Theater or an animal interaction in NatureWorks, our live programs create the kind of impact that can last a lifetime.


Every month, you can encounter something new and exciting at Orlando Science Center as we celebrate a different theme. Join us for a weekend event, and you’ll see the very best of our themed experiences all at the same time, as well as some event-exclusive programs! These events celebrate things like a movie’s connection to science, a special guest speaker, or a silly holiday. We hope to keep every visit as exciting as your first one!

Live Shows

Each time you see a live show at Orlando Science Center, you’ll be seeing a unique experience crafted exclusively for our guests. Whether you’re enjoying a large scale show in the Digital Adventure Theater, a traveling exhibit show on the Science Live Stage, or an old favorite at the Discovery Stage, you’re seeing something created by our team that brings you a science topic in an engaging and memorable way. We hope to inspire your curiosity with every show you watch!

Animal Ambassadors

Come face to face with some of the remarkable animals that call Orlando Science Center home. Our animal ambassadors boast impressive adaptations that delight and inspire guests of all ages. Join us as we work to protect these fascinating and important members of our ecosystem.

Early Childhood Programs

In addition to 11,000 square feet of exhibit space built to foster learning through play, KidsTown offers a range of scheduled programs designed to support the development of early STEM skills. Young guests and their caregivers can enjoy several programs each day that will allow them to practice making observations and connections, sharing their ideas, problem solving, stretching their creativity, asking questions, and much more. Our KidsTown staff can't wait to learn with you!

STEM Spaces

Learn practical skills to make your creativity come to life in The Hive: A Makerspace or practice your chemistry skills and lab safety in Dr. Dare’s Lab. These unique spaces offer some specialized experiences, so make sure to check the daily schedule during your visit.

Floor Programs

If you want to dive deeper into a concept that is highlighted in our exhibit spaces, then you'll definitely want to check out our Floor Programs, like the Guided Planet Tour, Dino Safari, and more! This is your chance to speak with a Science Live! team member about your favorite science concepts and learn something new every time you join us!

Please note: Science Live! stage shows might include low or no lighting at times, loud noises and pyrotechnics. Latex balloons may also be used in select shows.

Science Live!schedules are subject to change. Pick up a Daily Schedule to see what’s happening during your visit.

Check out the Building Guide to see a map and information for our current exhibits.

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