Bulk Membership

A membership is your personal passport to the Science Center with exclusive Member Benefits such as unlimited visits, free parking, first dibs and discounts on summer camps, and so much more.

Memberships are already a great value, but did you know that you can save even more by sharing this best-kept secret with some friends? 

Purchase 10 or more memberships together to save 20% for your entire group! Bulk memberships include all of the same benefits as a regular membership so you still get all of the perks at a fraction of the cost!

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Gather 10 or more friends, co-workers, family members, or neighbors — anyone who loves to save!
  2. Collect applications and payment.
  3. Email, mail, or drop off all applications and payment to Orlando Science Center’s membership team.
  4. After your applications are processed, all of the new members in your group will receive confirmation that their memberships are now active!


As a thank you for your hard work and support, Bulk Leaders who turn in 15 or more applications with payment will receive a complimentary membership for themselves!

Call your carpool, neighbors, play groups, co-workers, or even revisit those long-dead group chats and organize a Bulk Membership buy today!

For more information, call our Membership Department at 407.514.2158 or email oscmembership@osc.org.

Our readers have greatly benefited from the Orlando Science Center bulk memberships program! Macaroni Kid publishers have organized multiple group buys a year with nearly 100 families. The feedback has been very positive and many of the parents have reached out to thank us for the opportunity.

Aryn Nichols
Publisher, Macaroni Kid Winter Park