Neighborhood Science

With the demand for STEM careers on the rise throughout Florida and an intense under-representation of women and people of color in STEM fields across the country, Orlando Science Center is joining the efforts to break down barriers and revitalize STEM education in our community.

OSC Neighborhood Science is the bridge that connects these issues by offering opportunities focused on increasing confidence and interest in STEM concepts for youth in Central Florida.

Based on a study at the Pew Research Center, African Americans are underrepresented in the STEM workforce. Black workers represent 11% of the overall workforce, with only 9% of the STEM workforce (Kennedy et al., 2021). Diversity is crucial to STEM industries, and Neighborhood Science will work to be the spark that ignites innovation. Neighborhood Science activities will create a STEM-centered community that paves the way for access and opportunities for all.


  • Create and facilitate STEM-focused learning modules covering topics such as Engineering Design Process, computer science, coding, robotics, virtual reality, and maker spaces.
  • Provide authentic access to high-quality STEM education for underrepresented and underserved students within their own community.


  • Increased number of STEM learning opportunities in targeted underrepresented communities through authentic partnerships facilitated throughout the academic year and summer.
  • Collaboratively develop meaningful STEM curriculum focused on improving 21st Century Skills (communication and problem solving).
  • Connect a pipeline from the community to STEM careers opportunities in Central Florida.
  • Increased number of students exposed to workshops focused on improving 21st Century Skills (communication and problem solving).
  • Improved confidence and interest towards STEM education and STEM career fields.