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Orlando Science Center and 4Roots present an entirely new concept in dining and informal learning that will feed both your mind and body.

The food we eat is not only fuel for our bodies, it is an integral part of the world in which we live, with a story of its own. This entirely new concept in dining will reveal this story to you as it immerses you in experiences that will allow you to see our food system in a whole new way.

The 4Roots Cafe at Orlando Science Center is proudly serving plant-forward menu items, sourcing as much produce as possible from local growers. The cafe is a partnership with the 4R Restaurant Group, and a portion of the proceeds benefits 4Roots. The 4Roots Cafe offers a hybrid service approach of grab-and-go options and a separate line to create customizable sandwiches, flatbreads bowls and salads.

All dishes and cutlery provided to cafe customers are sustainable. Access to the cafe is available through the park entrance. If you wish to visit the Science Center, please proceed to the box office on Level 2 to purchase admission. The 4Roots Cafe also offers delivery through the third-party delivery platforms, DoorDash and Uber Eats.

Photo of 4Roots Cafe

4 Roots Cafe is a complemented by the new Food Heroes Exhibit, presented by Orlando Health. Key components include a living wall, cooking/farming demonstrations, interactives and videos. As you experience new, fresh and healthy food discoveries, you will better understand where your food comes from, how it relates to your health, the latest innovations in Florida farming, causes of food waste, and what you can do to support a better food system and address food insecurity in our community.

For more information visit: www.4rootsfarm.org | Facebook: @4rootsfarmcampus | Instagram: @4rootsfarmcampus

To support our vision to inspire, educate and empower others about critical food issues, including how to sustainably grow healthy food to feed a hungry world, contact: development@osc.org or 407.514.2020.