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A well known production company out of Tampa, FL is casting a pilot for a new national TV show that will be featured on a Kids network.  Created by the same producers of the successful show Pitchmen, on Discovery Channel along with with Anthony Sullivan, this show is focus on looking for the next hottest product or idea that is brought to us by KIDS!!!  

To find both talent for the show along with new products and ideas, we are hosting a Kids Inventor Day on March 31st at the Orlando Science Center  to find talented kids for the upcoming show.

Sully is looking for great products and ideas, created by young minds... But he can’t do it alone!  So the first thing the team is doing is looking to cast his advisory panel that will be made up of two kids to sit on either side of him ( American Idol Judges panel style)  and help look for the next new products. These kids will help Sully look for fresh new creative ideas and award a cash prize to the most innovative concept.  If you think you have what it takes to help Sully look for new products and be a part of his board, we need to see you!  Even if you have never done this before or you haven’t created an invention yet yourself, but you know what it takes then you just might be the best person for the job!

Sully will select a few kids from the group to be invited to sit with him on his “board” for the day as we hear ideas and pitches from kids.  At the end of the day the board will select one winner of the best product or idea they have seen and the selected kid will be awarded a $2000.00 cash prize that will be given out that day.  ( if you are chosen to be on Sully’s board you will still have the chance to pitch your product and WILL be in the running for the cash prize)

So for anyone under the age of 16 with the dream of wanting to be an inventor, actually having product or idea, you want to be on Sully’s Advisory Board or you just want to win the $2000 cash prize... We need to see you!


ALL kids need to register at www.AnthonySullivan.com They do NOT have to have a working prototype to bring with them, but anything to support your product or idea would be good.  ( Pictures, video’s, presentation boards, computer with link’s if you have it)

Kids and parents will need to arrive at 9:00am to the Orlando Science center and plan to be there most of the day till around 6pm- Lunch will be provided for all kids.  We will be filming a number of different segments through out the day that will include the kids in various stages of the process that we will want the kids for.  There is no fee to register- parents and family members will receive a discounted rate to the attend museum.  Kids do NOT need to have an actual protoype, but obviously the more you have to present the better.

Release forms for the TV show will be available on site and all kids participating in the show will need to fill one out and plan on being on camera all day. 

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