Life – Opening Late 2023

What is Life?

Orlando Science Center has begun construction on an all-new nature and conservation experience to reimagine its long-standing NatureWorks exhibit. As part of the Science Center’s Unlock Science Campaign, this new exhibit called Life will promote messages of sustainability and conservation reinforced by live animal interactions and hands-on displays. By encountering live animals and learning more about their changing habitats, visitors will better understand their role in protecting our ecosystem. Life will premiere in late 2023.

This reimagined nature exhibit will promote messages of sustainability and conservation that reflect our commitment to empowering others through knowledge to protect our world for all generations. As visitors participate in this experience, they will learn how our lives are connected to the natural world and how our choices impact all of us. We will tell the story of our environment through the creatures that share our planet. By encountering live animals and learning more about their changing habitats, visitors will better understand how our actions affect all living things.

Animal encounters have remained one of our highest rated experiences and have kept visitors coming back to Orlando Science Center again and again. Life builds on this foundation by expanding the Florida centric exhibits of NatureWorks and reinventing the space into three distinct environments: Ocean, Rainforest and Swamp. The story of each ecosystem will be told in three steps. They will create meaningful connections between visitors and the natural world, demonstrate the forces that having a negative impact and reveal the positive actions that humans are taking and how you can help, too.

Over 10,000 square feet of exhibition space will feature innovative enclosures and experiences that will let visitors get closer to the animals than they ever have at the Science Center. For example, a free-flight aviary and seamless 360-degree aquatic habitats will maximize the opportunity for authentic animal interactions. Intertwined with these live encounters is a strong message about humanity’s impact on these ecosystems, what that means for us and the animals that live there, and how we can stop destructive forces. Learning starts with natural curiosity, and nothing creates a connection like first-hand interactions with living animals.

Life is made possible through substantial funding by the Orange County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners and Orange County Tourism Community. Thanks to their support and other generous donors like Dr. Sarah Layton, who made the largest individual gift in our history to become Life's presenting sponsor, Orlando Science Center is creating this incredible new exhibit experience to highlight the amazing diversity of life and make a case for active conservation.

Orlando Science Center is dedicated to helping create a stronger and healthier world by influencing our visitors through iconic experiences. As a Gold LEED-certified organization, we have the passion to teach by example. Direct encounters with animals and interactive experiences that reveal key concepts will create lasting memories and serve as a vivid, living resource to inspire others to protect this fragile blue orb we call home. We can’t wait to share more about Life with you in the coming months

Life exhibit entrance rendering – presented by Dr. Sarah Layton
Life swamp exhibit rendering
Life rainforest exhibit rendering
Life ocean exhibit rendering
Life 3D overhead view of full exhibit rendering