Some people are lucky enough to experience all four levels of Orlando Science Center. If you’re Maker Doug Rhodehamel, you’re lucky enough to have your art displayed on all four levels.

Our resident artist began working at the Science Center as a contractor in 2008, and has been gracing the building with his artwork since 2010. Each of Doug’s works incorporates his passion for nature and talent for recycled mediums.

Doug has a degree in industrial design and was raised with an appreciation for the natural world. Inspired by explorer and inventor Jacques Cousteau, he recalls growing up as a Maker with “trails of wire and paper behind [him]” everywhere he went.

On Level 1, guests have been enchanted by his brood of plastic bottle jellyfish hanging above the entrance of the Dr. Phillips CineDome. Level 2 is home to his massive mobile (a decorative structure that is suspended so as to turn freely in the air), while his cardboard rockets on Level 4 take guests out of this world.

Most recently, Doug has added cardboard submarines for onlookers between Levels 3 and 4. Matched with textured blue lighting for a true underwater feel, this Maker’s love for the ocean is ever-present.

So what kind of advice does Doug have for aspiring artists?

"Everyone has some 'creative' in them," Rhodehamel said, "don't be afraid to use it!

"That piece of garbage blowing by your feet just may be your next treasure."

To learn more about Doug and his work, visit

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