Join Us For Discovery Days!

Spark STEM Fest – Presented by UCF, Office of Research


Spark Curiosity Across Central Florida!

Host an Event

Join in the excitement by organizing an event to provide opportunities for families and curious minds to participate in science activities throughout Central Florida. Events can range far and wide and should include fun inspirational experiences for everyone!

Some programs can be specifically for kids and families, and some just for adults. Sample events include conversations with a scientist or engineer, behind-the-scenes Q&A tours, craft demonstrations, a nature walk with a scientist or science trivia at neighborhood bars. Almost anything is possible.

How Does Hosting a Discovery Day Event Work?

  1. Submit your event proposal here.  Here’s a sneak peek at the form.
  2. We will check your submission to make sure the event meets our selection criteria.
  3. We approve your event as an official Discovery Day event (or we’ll follow up if your proposal needs to be modified).

Selection Criteria

  1. Events should take place in Central Florida prior to the #SparkSTEMFest between February 1-16.
  2. Science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics should be a significant component of the event.
  3. Events should be fun, interactive, experiential, and meaningful, with a focus on drawing connections to STEM.
  4. Host accepts all responsibility for the event, including venue, organization, content, staffing, etc.
  5. Event should be accessible to the general public. Free events are encouraged (or free with admission) or ticketed to cover production costs only.
  6. Host agrees to promote the event as a part of #SparkSTEMFest using the guidelines we’ll provide.
  7. Host agrees to provide attendance, photos, anecdotes, and feedback to Orlando Science Center within 14 business days after the event.

Orlando Science Center reserves the right to reject any event for any reason. 

Applicants will receive notification of acceptance or regret as soon as possible or by December 31. 

Promotional Support 

To assist hosts, the STEM Spark Fest organizers will:

  1. Promote events on the Orlando Science Center website and as part of the online calendar. 
  2. Promote with Facebook events and targeted emails (provided event details are provided in enough time).
  3. Provide an Event Host Marketing Kit with promotional materials, signage, #SparkSTEMFest branding templates and logos for use in digital and print media.