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Hive Activities

The Hive

Celebrate engineering month in the Hive! Create a lifting mechanism using simple hydraulic components to get a space shuttle ready for launch, and get some hands-on experience with computer engineering as you block code your own animation! Presented by Finfrock. The Hive is for makers 8+

Dino Discovery


Tour our dinosaur hall with the help of an OSC safari guide! Recommended age 4+

The Magic of Flight

Dr. Phillips CineDome

The Magic of Flight brings the thrill of flight and jet aircraft technology to the big screen with a film that balances the excitement of a Blue Angels air show with the science and history of flight. More than a story of machines, The Magic of Flight is the story of human potential and the importance of training and performance.

Space Tour

Our Planet

Discover the solar system and beyond at Science on a Sphere with an OSC tour guide.

Turtle Odyssey

Dr. Phillips CineDome

Sea turtles are some of Earth's most ancient and majestic creatures. For over 100 million years, they have traversed the seas, enduring mass extinctions and playing critical roles in maintaining food webs. But now they face a new threat – humans. It's time we learned more about these remarkable reptiles.

Sea Lions: Life by a Whisker 2D (20 min)

Digital Adventure Theater

A heart-warming journey of a sea lion pup, and the man that has dedicated his life trying to save her species. Embark on an epic quest through the uninhabited wilderness of the Great Australian Bight, to the lush kelp forests off the Californian coast.

Micro Monsters 2D (20 min)

Digital Adventure Theater

Super powers exist. Right here on Earth. And they are beneath our feet. They include beetles that shoot chemical fire and lift enormous weights; scorpions that glow in the dark with astonishing crushing powers; spiders that can make themselves virtually invisible and hypnotise their prey; even a bug that can transform itself into another creature entirely. Prepare to be amazed in this adventure exploring the hidden world of the super-powered bugs.