Fusion: A STEAM Gallery

Gallery – Level 3

Today’s innovators recognize the critical role of art-related disciplines in solving 21st-century problems.


Fusion: A STEAM Gallery shows that art and design aren’t removed from science – they are essential complements.


You’ll find permanent pieces in the Fusion collection that highlight this relationship, including an interactive, visual theremin by Ginger Leigh; a one-dimensional dungeon-crawler game by Robin Baumgarten; a motorized color projection piece by Ryan Buyssens; and a multi-layered tribute to victims and survivors of the Pulse tragedy by Christy McCutchen.


Traveling exhibitions are featured throughout the year with an emphasis on local artists.


For gallery inquires please email skatz@osc.org.

On Display:

Over the Moon by Lillian Verkins

November 1 - January 7

NASA’s images and Carl Sagan’s words "We’re made of star stuff", are the inspirations for Verkins’ exhibit. Here she shows how the stardust of her "Spacescapes" connects the human form and imagination as she brings in her "Dreamscape" figures to take us on a journey to our interconnectedness with the stars.


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Transcending - painting by Lillian Verkins