Fusion: A STEAM Gallery

Gallery – Level 3

Today’s innovators recognize the critical role of art-related disciplines in solving 21st-century problems. Fusion: A STEAM Gallery shows that art and design aren’t removed from science – they are essential complements.


You’ll find permanent pieces in the Fusion collection that highlight this relationship, including an interactive, visual theremin by Ginger Leigh; a one-dimensional dungeon-crawler game by Robin Baumgarten; a motorized color projection piece by Ryan Buyssens; and a multi-layered tribute to victims and survivors of the Pulse tragedy by Christy McCutchen.


Traveling exhibitions also are featured throughout the year with an emphasis on local artists.

Now Showing:

Comedy Wildlife Photography Contest Exhibition

November 2, 2018 – January 8, 2019


This fall, OSC is hosting its first all-photography exhibition in Fusion: A STEAM Gallery. This show will have you laughing like a hyena while you view hilarious candid shots from the animal kingdom!


The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is an international contest that shows off the not-so-majestic side of nature. Sometimes it’s a photo shot at just the right moment to pose a comical coincidence, like a bird behind a bear making it look like the bear has wings. Other photos featured in the exhibition capture animals’ expressions that we interpret as laughter, shock, or just pure fun.