Inspiring Tomorrow’s Space Explorers



A Message from Orlando Science Center's President and CEO        

This summer we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing. It’s been five decades since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first set foot on the lunar surface and it remains one of humankind’s greatest achievements. Orlando Science Center in particular was born out of the space race. In the fifties and early sixties, the space race was heating up at Cape Canaveral and our institution was launched to reinforce the importance of science learning and encourage young people to reach for the stars.


Inspiring curious minds has always been at the forefront of our mission. As we look to the future with a return to the moon and a staffed mission to Mars, Orlando Science Center’s role in promoting science literacy and encouraging future space explorers has never been more important. We have a number of exciting programs planned to commemorate the anniversary of stepping foot on the moon, and we are using this milestone to ignite curiosity and initiate discussion.


If you’re looking to honor the Apollo missions this summer, I encourage you to include Orlando Science Center in your plans. On July 20 and 21, we will host our big celebration, Moon Fest, a collection of live shows, films, and activities that will thrill all ages. Enjoy themed activities in Dr. Dare’s Lab and The Hive: A Makerspace, including making your own lunar colony or creating a constellation using LED lights. Our flight lab will host a Virtual Reality astronaut flight experience, and you can see the new giant screen documentary, Apollo 11, in the Dr. Phillips CineDome. You can also see the Neil Armstrong biography, First Man, in the digital adventure theater, plus a 3D documentary on space junk.


Central Florida has an important connection to the space race and Orlando Science Center is honored to be part of that legacy. This summer gives us a great opportunity to share the story of the moon landing as we all prepare for what comes next. The astronauts who will walk on Mars one day are currently in elementary school, which means one of them could be exploring our exhibits right now.


It is the duty of every science center to ensure that our experiences launch visitors on a journey to find their true potential. By presenting activities designed to encourage skill building, creativity and critical thinking, science centers are supporting formal education and helping propel people on a journey that could lead all the way to the cosmos. The sky is no longer the limit.



JoAnn Newman

President and CEO of Orlando Science Center