Dr. Nelson Ying Science Competition

Next Competition: April 22-24, 2022

Local scientist, entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr. Nelson Ying has partnered with Orlando Science Center since 1999 to celebrate local students’ exemplary achievements through the Dr. Nelson Ying Science Competition. 

Students submit research papers to be reviewed by a distinguished panel of judges and can earn up to $5,000, plus additional awards for their schools and teachers.

This competition is open to individual students in Grades 9–12. Projects can be classified into a wide range of STEM topics, but they always have one thing in common: the goal to help humanity through scientific research.

For more information about Orlando Science Center’s science competitions, please call our Reservations team at 407.514.2112 or email competitions@osc.org.

Application Deadline:
TBD 2022

Dr. Nelson Ying Science Competition Resources

2021 Dr. Nelson Ying Science Competition Finalists

Annika Vaidyanathan, Winter Springs High School,
for developing a coating that would cause COVID-19 virus-sized nanoparticles to bead and roll right off a face mask, creating greater protection for the wearer. She also looked at ways to manufacture this coating safely and cost-effectively. 

Ishika Nag,  Oviedo High School, for improving the efficiency and affordability of air filtration devices, like both masks and HVAC filters, by coating them with nanoparticles. 

Nikhil Iyer, Edgewood Junior/Senior High School, for improving machine learning by modeling artificial neural networks after the human brain using virtual neurotransmitters.

Gustavo Toledo, Edgewood Junior/Senior High School, for research improving the hydrodynamic efficiency of autonomous underwater vehicles by testing torpedo models with various golf ball-sized surface textures.