Forensic Science Activity for Kids: The Incredible Cookie Caper

The Incredible Cookie Caper Title Card


Learn how to Use Forensic Science to Crack the Case!

Oh no! A crime has been committed at Orlando Science Center! Our staff were going to share some delicious cookies but they were stolen. Can you help us solve The Incredible Cookie Caper so we can catch the culprit?


Together, we are going to crack this case by learning about some of the forensic skills that real life spies and detectives use to figure out the most complex of mysteries.


Download our clue card so you can follow along as we go! You can also use it to draw your own card.


Cookie Caper Clue Card



To find out who stole the cookies, we're going to need to examine the clues left behind at the crime scene by using forensic science which means applying scientific methods and processes to solving crimes.


Forensic scientists can come from a wealth of backgrounds with specialties ranging from DNA and botany to dentistry and tool marks and so much more. 

We're going to use the following information to solve The Incredible Cookie Caper!

  1. Motives and alibis
    A motive is a reason someone might do something, or a motivator for them to do something. An alibi is a piece of evidence that seeks to prove that person could not have been somewhere when an event took place. In our case, we are looking for reasons that our suspects could not have possibly taken the cookies from the cookie jar.
  2. Fiber analysis
    We've discovered that some fibers were left at the scene of the crime. By analyzing the fibers, we should be able to determine what material they came from and if there are any other clues to help us, like what color the fibers are.
  3. Fingerprinting
    Fingerprint patterns are very unique so when they are left behind and can be collected properly, they're almost like a calling card! See what was left behind on the cookie jar and match the patterns to the suspects.
  4. Footprints
    In investigations detectives might find a footprint in the mud or something similar and could pour plaster into the shoe print and make an impression. Forensic scientists have access to huge databases full of footprints from shoes of all different brands and sizes. Even though people may have the same types of shoes, factors like weight, height, and more could affect their shoe print and be studied to narrow down suspects.


So, can you help us figure out who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?


This Science Live! stage show was developed by Orlando Science Center staff and premiered in the Spring 2020 traveling exhibit Top Secret: License to Spy which was created and designed by Scitech and produced by Imagine Exhibitions.

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