Are All Metals Magnetic? An Introduction to Electromagnetic Induction

Join us for a fun physics lesson and find out if all metals are magnetic!

Have you ever walked around your house or classroom with a magnet to see what it can pick up? If not, give it a try! We'll wait... 

You probably picked up different kinds of metal objects like paper clips or keychains. But were are all the metals you tried to pick up magnetic? What about a penny or some aluminum foil? Probably not. That's because there are only three naturally occurring metals in nature: iron, nickel, or cobalt. But that doesn't mean other metals can't become magnetic. 

Using one of our most popular exhibits, the Ring Launcher, we'll learn about a really cool concept called electromagnetic induction and find out whether or not all metals are magnetic. 

Watch the video and read along as we find out if all metals are magnetic!

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What are Electrons?

To learn about electromagnetic induction, we need to start with electrons. Electrons are subatomic particles, which means they are even smaller than an atom! They can be thought of as absurdly tiny bundles of negative charges that zip around the nucleus of atom. When electrons flow in one direction, we call it a current, which transmits energy in the form of electricity! A current also creates a magnetic field that will attract or repel nearby magnets.

What is Metal?

We encounter metals every day, but what IS metal? It is a special kind of material where electrons can flow freely across the surface. When there is a magnetic field nearby, it causes the free-moving electrons to zip all across the surface, which creates a current inside the metal.

different kinds of metal

What is Electromagnetic Induction?

Like specified above, magnetic fields force electrons to move (remember that moving electrons are called a current) … and that currents create a magnetic field. So, if you send electricity through a wire, the magnetic field produced by the current will cause electrons in a nearby metal to move, which also creates an entirely different magnetic field. These two magnetic fields are always opposite each other, which means they repel away from one another. We say that the original current induced a magnetic field in the metal, which is where the term “electromagnetic induction” comes from!

A photo of OSC Ring Launcher

So what is Happening in the Ring Launcher? 

If you look carefully at the base of the ring launcher, you’ll see a bunch of wires and a copper tube sticking out. When the button is pressed, electrons flow through these wires and tube, which creates a current. That current induces a magnetic field in the aluminum rings, which creates an opposing magnetic field and forces the ring to launch in the air!

a closer looks at the Ring Launcher

The Orlando Science Center is full of awesome experiments and demonstrations that rely on concepts like electromagnetic induction. Next time you’re here, try and think about what makes all the cool things happen across the building. In fact, try to think about all the amazing science behind all the amazing things that happen in your day-to-day life!

Want to try another fun experiment?

New Food Heroes Exhibit Presented by Orlando Health Puts Down Roots at Orlando Science Center

See how local partners are creating a more equitable, sustainable, healthy, and community-based food system in the all-new Food Heroes Exhibit presented by Orlando Health!

Orlando Science Center in collaboration with a host of community partners has developed an all-new hands-on exhibit illuminating the fascinating and complex world of our food system. The Food Heroes exhibit is presented by Orlando Health and is located on the first level of Orlando Science Center in the all-new 4Roots Cafe. Inspired by John Rivers of 4Rivers BBQ/4Roots and his passion for food and farming education, we enlisted a group of advisors, including 4Roots, to help develop an experience featuring food heroes making a positive impact in our community and how each of us can join them to make a difference.

“Food might be the true universal language,” said JoAnn Newman, President and CEO of Orlando Science Center. “We need it to sustain ourselves. We use it to comfort ourselves. It is often a singular reason for us to engage with one another. This exhibit promotes the interconnectedness of the food system, and spotlights those people fighting to make it more equitable, sustainable, and healthier for everyone. We are so grateful to our exhibit partners and to our presenting sponsor, Orlando Health, for collaborating with us to make this exhibit a reality.”

Through this integrated exhibit/dining experience, visitors participate with interactive stations, see videos, get cooking tutorials, and learn how to get involved with local efforts. Interactions include a robotic arm that “picks strawberries” as an example of farming automation and an interactive where visitors learn about pollinators as butterflies interact with their shadows. Visitors can also control the decomposition of fruits and vegetables using time-lapse video to understand the importance of composting. And a living wall highlights the importance of vertical farming in growing food as our population increases and we need to grow more food in urban environments, closer to the people who need it most.

Guests controlling robotic arm to pick strawberries in Food Heroes exhibit

“One of the main pillars of 4Roots as an organization is education. We strive to educate our community about the connection between food choices and individual health while helping students and farmers to grow fresh produce sustainably.” said John Rivers, Founder and CEO of 4Roots. “We are delighted to partner with the Orlando Science Center on the Food Heroes Exhibit and to honor those that are working to provide a healthy and accessible food system for our community.”

A demonstration area with a giant LED screen provides an opportunity for expert speakers from Orlando Health, 4Roots, and others to present on topics ranging from nutrition to soil science. This space will also be the setting for cooking demonstrations, where cameras will provide an intimate view of the process on the LED Display. When not being used for demonstrations, the LED Display will present a 30-minute video, featuring local food heroes. Fifteen different local organizations share their stories, ranging from hydroponic gardens to culinary medicine. Spotlighted organizations include 4Roots, Black Bee Honey, HEBNI Nutrition, Fleet Farming, O-Town Compost and presenting sponsor Orlando Health, among others. Their stories share the impact our community is making on the issues of sustainable farming and food security.

Person doing demonstration in Orlando Science Center Food Heroes exhibit

“Orlando Health is thrilled to be the presenting sponsor for Orlando Science Center’s new Food Heroes Exhibit,” said Antwan Williams, administrator for Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. “We believe that this will be a fun and engaging way to educate families in our community about the importance of proper nutrition as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.”

The Food Heroes exhibit, presented by Orlando Health, is included with paid admission to Orlando Science Center and access is free for annual members. Visitors are encouraged to explore the new exhibit and then enjoy a delicious and healthy meal of locally sourced food, prepared by the 4Roots Cafe. Coming soon, visitors will enjoy a web-enabled app experience that is being developed for future use. They will also soon be able to create their own digital plant, which will then be shared on the LED Display with other visitor creations.

Learn More About our New Exhibits and Dining Options

Central Florida Wedding Showcase ♥ Unveil 2021 Wedding Vendor Recap

From dancing to decor, meet some of the best vendors around, all in Central Florida wedding showcase! 

Unveil is Orlando Science Center’s annual wedding showcase. We invite couples who are wedding planning in Central Florida to see our event spaces dressed to the nines, and give them the opportunity to meet with some of our favorite wedding vendors! Couples can leave with a clear picture of how their wedding venue can look and a list of all of the vendors they need to start planning the wedding of their dreams. This event offers a unique opportunity for engaged couples to experience the Science Center in wedding mode as opposed to museum mode – after hours, beautiful décor, perfect lighting, dance floor, and all!

One of the best parts about Unveil is the incredible vendors who participate and truly make this showcase a one-stop-shop for wedding planning. Our preferred vendors are some of the best in Central Florida, and the way they transform OSC into a picture-perfect wedding venue never ceases to amaze us!  Our Unveil vendors have you covered with everything from florals and lighting, to candy tables and pet sitter services.

Our wedding packages include access to all three of our event spaces, and couples who attended Unveil were able to see these spaces set for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Apart from helping them envision what their wedding could look like at one of the most unique event spaces in Central Florida, Unveil gave couples a chance to see what our vendors could do for them at OSC!

We are also excited to announce that our Central Florida wedding showcase will be a bi-annual event, with another Unveiling of Orlando Science Center on August 18th, 2021! Check out updates on our Unveil Wedding Showcase, or learn how to start planning your OSC wedding!

Check out photos of our Unveil February 2021 event, and our incredible vendors who made it all possible:

  • Florals provided by Flowers by Lesley
  • Furniture provided by Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals
  • Lighting provided by Junction 88 Productions
  • Drapery provided by Swag Decor
  • Terrace Styling by Pavone Events
  • Photos provided by Ashley Jane Photography and Live Happy Studios

Caterers who’ll make your day delicious!

Arthur’s Creative Events & Catering

Contact information:


Caterer preparing food
Caterer preparing food at Central Florida wedding showcase

Premier Event Services

Contact information:

Jeremy Tirpak

Food buffet in dinosaur exhibit
A nicely folded cloth napkin on a nice place

Puff ‘n Stuff

Contact information:

Event Planning Team


a table with pink cloth decorated with food and flowers
a close up of a decorated table with flowers and candles at Central Florida wedding showcase

Entertainment for every type of wedding!

Junction 88 Productions

Contact information:

M.J. Farb


chairs set up for a wedding with purple lighting and a moon backdrop
Junction 88 wedding entertainment sign

Our DJ Rocks

Contact information:

Kristin Wilson


DJ booth on the terrace

Photobooth Rocks

Contact information:

Jennie Smith

a DJ booth on the terrace

Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos

Contact information:

Nate Rodriguez

two musicians at dueling pianos

Jeff Scott Guitarist

Contact information:

Jeff Scott

Jeff Scott playing a guitar

Photography & videography to remember the wedding of your dreams!

Ashley Jane Photography

Contact information:

Ashley Jane

a table of photo books in front of a dinosaur

Live Happy Studio

Contact information:

Kellie Warren

Rudy & Marta Photography

Contact information:

Rudy Montilla

A sign for Rudy & Marta Photography at Central Florida wedding showcase

Desserts for every sweet tooth!

Espresso Events

Contact information:

Mark Covey

an espresso cart and table of sweets
a close up of flavored coffee syrups

Florida Candy Buffets

Contact information:

Farida Wazir

a table of food and decor in front of dinosaur fossils
cookies decorated with wedding rings
truffles displayed in a glass case

Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream

Contact information:

Karissa Steffen, Catering Manager

Kellys homemade ice cream flavors: chocolate peanut butter brownie, strawberry, passion fruit sorbet
A stack of Kellys Homemade Ice Cream cups

Sugar Divas Cakery

Contact information:


a wedding cake in front of a T. Rex
A white wedding cake

Officiants to help you say the perfect “I Do’s”

The Ginger Officiant

Contact information:

Catherine Pick

A table advertising The Ginger Officiant
The Ginger Officiant

Orlando Ceremonies by Kelly

Contact information:


Ceremonies by Kelly

Florist extraordinaire! 

Flowers by Lesley

Contact information:

Lesley Tweed
407 694 0624

flowers in a checked vase with a checkered dance floor in the background
a table full of flower arrangements
orange yellow red and pink flowers in a vase
Flowers around a lantern at the start of the aisle
Flowers arranged on a crescent moon structure

Rentals to make any space your own

Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals

Contact information:

Brittney Bouche

the terrace decorated for a wedding with chairs and a flower sculpture
clear chairs with a moon and flowers in the background
Giant letters lit up spelling out LOVE
an elegant table setting
a display of different table settings
tables in front of a flower curtain backdrop
a wedding table with place settings and flowers in front of a dinosaur

Swag Décor

Contact information:

Tommy Murphy

flower curtain backdrops

Orlando Flower Walls

Contact information:

Angelica Rodriguez
407- 917-9990

pink, white, and red flower wall
a couple taking a selfie in front of a white rose flower wall

Planning services that’ll be your guiding hand through it all!

Pavone Events

Contact information:

Andrea Pavone

A display of signs and flowers for Pavone wedding services
A flower display from Pavone Wedding Services

Wedding Venue Map

Contact information:

Shannon Tarrant

a display for Wedding Venue Map

JOMO Elopement & Honeymoon Planning

Contact information:

Dana Colvin

a display for JMO Elopement & Honeymoon Planning


Bridal by OUAB

Contact information:

Jolie Murray

A sign reading: Bridal and makeup for the fun loving, love obsessed bride

The Bridal Finery

Contact information:

Tali Gallo

A display of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets
wedding dresses

It’s all in the details!

Aloft Orlando Downtown

Contact information:

Laurin Fuller, Director of Sales

A wall of green with a display of photos

Apollo’s Chariots

Contact information:


FairyTail Pet Care

Contact information:

Ilana Karcinski / Kelly Maronpot

a table display for Fairytale Pet Care

Omarvolous Productions

Contact information:

Marianthy Troupos Mendez

A sign for Omarvolous Production

Tootles Event Sitters

Contact information:

Tyneshia Perine & Marcia Van de Kieft


a booth of fun kids toys


Female Chief Project Engineer Interview • Angela Kruth, P.E. of FINFROCK Shares Her Story

What is it like to be a female Chief Project Engineer? Learn more in this interview with Angela Kruth, P.E. of FINFROCK!

Orlando Science Center is fortunate to have a strong network of strategic partners within the STEM industry that enables us to introduce people to the unlimited opportunities the industry has to offer. Today, we would like to introduce you to Angela Kruth, P.E., a local female Chief Project Engineer right here at FINFROCK.

Angela received her undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and master's degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Central Florida.

While pursuing her education, Angela began working as an intern at FINFROCK. Since graduating, she has worked her way up through the company and is now a part of its leadership team.

Angela has also made major engineering contributions to FINFROCK’s latest luxury apartment project in Ivanhoe Village, Lake House.

She is actively involved in the industry through various professional associations including the Central Florida Chapter of The Society of Women Engineers and the Florida Prestressed Concrete Association, and Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute.

FINFROCK Chief Project Engineer Angela Kruth, P.E.

Can you tell us more about your role at FINFROCK? What does a typical day in your job look like?

My day is always a little different because as a design-builder, FINFROCK is so diversified. There is certainly a lot of running calculations and providing draft information for a set of drawings and typical engineer work, but a lot of my work as a project engineer involves coordinating with other departments to move a project along. Some days I may be working with architecture to make changes and communicate with our erection department, and some days I’ll go out for a field visit. As a Chief Project Engineer, I teach and lead our other engineers to do a lot of the same tasks.

What inspired you to become an engineer?

When I was younger, I used to watch a show on HGTV called Extreme Homes. It was always on at 2 in the morning, and because I’m somebody who could never sleep, I’d wake up in the middle of the night and start watching it. I thought the houses looked really cool, and I wanted to figure out how to create them. I thought I wanted to be an architect, but then realized I was good at math and engineering would be a great fit for me instead.

Why is it exciting to do what you do at FINFROCK?

The best part is getting to see your building get built. Driving by on the street, pointing to it, and knowing that all your hard work is right there. There’s definitely a lot of pride that comes with it.

What was the most challenging engineering project you have worked on, and how did you solve the problems it presented?

All our projects have challenging elements to them, but for an engineer the biggest challenge is to see an architectural rendering of something that is seemingly floating in space and figuring out how to support it and give it that hidden support appearance. When I first saw the Lake House renderings, I thought, that project looks hard, and I want to do it. Anything that looks like it is defying physics, that’s what I want to figure out and make work.

What challenges did or do you face in the field of engineering as a woman? What can be done to make it better?

Engineering is a male-dominated field, but the landscape is gradually changing as more companies are recognizing the value that women can bring to the industry. Before I had my Professional Engineer (PE) license and added the letters to my title, there were times where I would be corresponding with someone outside that did not recognize I was an engineer and would assume I was just an assistant. Actually... I'm a female Chief Project Engineer!

I think the biggest way to make changes is to encourage engineers and people in leadership positions to stand up against stereotypes and biases. That can include women standing up for themselves, and women in higher positions helping pull up the women below them by sharing their experiences. What’s equally important is for men to speak up if they see a woman treated unfairly.

What is the greatest transformation in engineering technology you have witnessed in your career or what are your thoughts on transformations in the field of engineering do you see on the horizon?

I think the way lasers and AR (Augmented Reality) are integrated is changing the game –it saves a lot of time and it makes measurements more accurate. At FINFROCK, we utilize virtual reality in the design process which allows us to easily make changes before we ever start construction. There is also a software method called LiDAR where one can scan a building and present a digital version of all the dimensions in the building through LiDAR.

What advice would you give to girls in school or pursuing higher education in engineering as a career choice or area of study?

My advice would be to find other girls with the same interest and don’t be afraid to make friends with them! When girls hang out with like-minded girls, there is so much they are capable of. It can be hard to find that confidence, but you don’t have to be the smartest person when it comes to math, or anything else really if you’re willing to work at a subject and learn. Do not be afraid to speak up in class or give the wrong answer. Just focus on learning the process.

Orlando Science Center relies on partnerships with industry experts to provide insight on how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and the incredible innovators within the industry are pushing the boundaries of possibilities. As a longtime friend and corporate partner, FINFROCK helps us inspire the next generation of STEM professionals and industry leaders. With their commitment and generous support, we are able to bring pivotal technology and engineering learning to life.

FINFROCK is committed to revolutionizing the technological advancement of engineering design and manufacturing. FINFROCK handles the design, manufacturing, and building of hundreds of projects a year for clients throughout Florida and across the nation. Learn more about FINFROCK

Special Spring Break Programming at Orlando Science Center!

Safety  Guidelines

Limited capacity, timed-entry ticketing, temperature checks, face coverings, social distancing, and frequent sanitizing of exhibits help us provide an environment for fun and discovery while maintaining a focus on health and safety.

Review our full health and safety plan here.

Limited-Time Exhibits

Planet Pioneers

Level 2

Do you have what it takes to live on another planet?
With the resurgence in space exploration, we could see someone living on Mars in our lifetime. Could that be YOU?
Drive a rover over alien terrain, map the surface with a drone, build a habitat, and so much more in Planet Pioneers!

Fusion: A STEAM Gallery

Level 3

Experience the joy of our connections with animals, as well as the sorrow we feel when we lose them in Love and Loss Across Species Lines - The Neuroscience of Attachment.
This art and science exhibition helps us better understand and appreciate our complex, entangled, and interdependent lives.

All-New Experiences

These new timed-experiences will be offered daily from March 12th through the 21st!

Tiny Green Home Tours

From sustainability to recycling, this Tiny Green Home is showing us how to make a BIG difference!
Tours will be scheduled daily from 10:30 to 4:00 pm and sign-ups are first come, first served.

Purple Martins House

The Science Center is partnering with Disney’s Animals Sciences & Environment to carry out research on purple martins birds! Learn about this exciting conservation project with tours of the new house at noon!

Awaiting Artemis

Learn more about women’s role in space travel, and NASA’s new lunar mission, Artemis, during this original Science on a Sphere presentation created in collaboration with NASA and the Women of NASA group. Showing at 2:00 pm daily.

Loads of Live Programming

Highlights Include:

  • NatureWorks' Fish Feeding Frenzy and Swamp Talks
  • Nature-inspired StoryTimes and Creative Corner activities in KidsTown
  • Cartography and paper plant-making projects in The Hive: A Makerspace (ages 8+)
  • Experiments, games, and other activities in Dr. Dare’s Club House

Extra Weekend Fun

Planning on visiting on a Saturday or Sunday? Don't miss these special activities!

Weekend Workshops: Hydroponics for Kids

Make your own self-watering planter and learn about hydroponic growing! Private workshops are $30 for up to five participants in the same group. GET TICKETS.

KaBOOM! Live Stage Show

Ignite your curiosity and check out the colorful chemistry behind your favorite combustions with this explosive LIVE science show, weekends at 1:00 pm.

Green Actioneers – Saturday, March 20

Join us and the Green Actioneers, presented by the VoLo Foundation, for a series of family-friendly activities at 12:00, 1:00 and 2:00 pm that will show participants how to keep the planet (and your wallet) green! LEARN MORE.

What Is The Mars Rover Doing? See and HEAR What’s Happening on Mars!

Perseverance has landed on Mars, but what is the rover doing up there?

Humans have launched and successfully landed a brand new rover on the surface of Mars! Its name is Perseverance and it brings brand new technology that scientists can use to study the possibility of ancient life on the Martian surface. Check out some of the awesome details below to see what the Mars rover is doing!


The Perseverance Rover took years to design and build, with the initial concepts dating all the way back to 2013. It eventually launched on July 30th, 2020 aboard an Atlas V rocket right here in Central Florida.

It then took about 7 months to fly to Mars where it successfully landed in the Jezero Crater on February 18th, 2021. Check out this awesome video to see the actual footage of the landing!

Scientific Equipment

Perseverance is largely modeled after our last Martian rover, Curiosity, but brings with it a whole host of new technology.

Percy brought a drill that will create rock samples for future missions to return to Earth… not to mention the first Martian oxygen experiment, tons of new cameras, and a state-of-the-art spectrometer that can scan rocks for signs of ancient life!


Perseverance also brought a helicopter, named Ingenuity, which will mark the first powered flight on another world.

Mic Check 1..2..

A microphone on the side of NASA’s Perseverance Rover recorded these sounds. The wind is audible in the filtered section. This is the first time a Mars rover has been equipped with a microphone.

Perseverance Sticks the Landing!

Perseverance is an amazing and bold step in planetary science that paves the way for further exploration, and the flawless landing only marks the beginning of Percy’s incredible journey.

Make sure to pay attention to all the spectacular new science coming out of NASA for the years to come! And check out NASA’s press conference on the successful landing!

Expand Activity! 

One of the goals of Perseverance is to seek signs of ancient life and collect rock and soil samples for a possible return to Earth. Learn how you can make your own time capsule! 

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College Savings Discount with Florida Prepaid College Plans!

Check Out This Special Offer from Florida Prepaid and Start Saving Today! 

So much has changed in the past year – from how our children “attend” school to how much we rely on technology to do more and more of our jobs remotely. But one thing that has not changed is how big we dream for our children, how much we want for their future, and how much opportunity lies ahead.

Orlando remains the fastest-growing STEM job market in the United States. And the pandemic’s disruptions are putting more emphasis than ever on technology and automation, which positions Orlando Science Center to inspire and prepare the next generation for jobs in industries that may not even exist yet.

We have adapted in the past year so that we can continue to offer exhibits and activities that make learning fun and engaging – virtually and in-person with safe social distancing. It is so important that we educate the next generation of STEM workers in this region. The Orlando Economic Partnership anticipates that by 2030, Orlando is projected to create between 254,000 and 482,000 new jobs.

2030 is when many of our young visitors will be entering college or nearing college age. So preparing financially for postsecondary education now is just as important. More than 90 percent of Florida families actually say college savings is as important or more important in light of the pandemic, according to a recent survey by the Florida Prepaid College Board.

A trusted Corporate Partner of Orlando Science Center, Florida Prepaid is helping families start saving early for college tuition costs -- encouraging them to keep in mind the certainty their plans offer amid these uncertain times. You’re setting a strong foundation for your child’s education by focusing now on their college savings, because when you save it sends them a strong message that you believe in their tomorrow.

And the earlier you save, the lower your monthly payments. A consistent college savings strategy now will help your future college graduate avoid burdensome student loan debt as they learn the skills to become an astronaut, study ocean wildlife or develop tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles.

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We thank Florida Prepaid for their generous support of our STEM learning experiences and look forward to the incredible achievements that participating students will accomplish in the future!

Florida Prepaid Plan prices start at $45/month, and they are waiving application fees for any plans purchased now through April 30, 2021.

Use promo code OSC2021 to save on enrollment!

Orlando Science Center Celebrates Museum Advocacy Day!

Orlando Science Center Advocates for STEM Learning in Museums! 

For more than ten years, the American Alliance of Museums has been providing the essential training and support museum advocates need to meet face-to-face in Washington, D.C. with members of Congress. This year, National Museum Advocacy Day is February 22 and 23.

Being an advocate of our work is vitally important to promoting lifelong STEM learning. Teaching our nation’s leaders about the impact of federal government funding on our local projects helps Orlando Science Center garner funds to do exciting work. Many of our offerings have been supported by the federal government through grants. For example, construction of the Flight Lab and its public programming was supported by a grant from the Office of Naval Research (ONR). With their support, we were able to generate a unique learning experience using virtual reality to teach visitors about the science of aviation and US Navy/Marine Corps careers.

“The Flight Lab increases student exposure to a way that is engaging and interactive through the use of virtual reality to understand STEM principles.”

— Office of Naval Research Representative
Visitors use virtual reality technology in the Flight Lab experience.

The Science Center has also been actively engaged in promoting inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA). Our IDEA efforts began with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) in 2017.

What started with IDEA staff training branched into a new IDEA Council made up of employees from various areas of  Orlando Science Center charged with pursuing IDEA efforts and creating an institutional culture focused on IDEA. The council is also external-facing to better serve our diverse community.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has also contributed to our programming to reach underserved populations of children. The $1.2 million in funding for the program ensures chronically and critically ill, hospital-bound children ages 9 through 19 have access to high-quality STEM education resources.

 Orlando Science Center and our collaborators at the University of Central Florida, AdventHealth for Children, Nemours Children’s Hospital, Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital, and external evaluator from Illinois State University are working together to create mobile carts filled with educational STEM activities that educate and inspire learners to delve into the science and engineering behind NASA’s missions.

If you are curious to learn more about this project please visit

A picture of a NASA-themed classroom

Did you know you can help advocate for OSC? Celebrate the day by writing letters to your local officials and state and federal representatives and senators to share our good news about OSC’s responsible use of taxpayer dollars to meet the needs of our community.

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Here are some examples of the Orbs you can find:

  • A catalog of various animals you'll find in NatureWorks
  • Videos for early learners in KidsTown
  • Tours across DinoDigs that let you dig deeper into the ancient world
  • A scavenger hunt for planets at the Science on a Sphere
  • And so much more!

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osc app - turtle facts on a phone
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Otronicon shares a big sustainability message with the Tiny Green Home

This Tiny Green Home is making a BIG difference!

Visitors to Otronicon on February 12-15 will see green when they check out our Tiny Green Home, a hands-on experience to increase sustainability education and awareness in Central Florida. Built by Orlando Utilities Commission, the City of Orlando and Orlando Science Center, the 200-square-foot home will premiere to the public during Otronicon and be available for scheduled tours throughout the event.

This diminutive abode offers a hands-on experience through interactive displays that educate visitors on energy and water conservation measures, sustainability rebates, vehicle electrification, renewables, composting, food gardens and other efficiency methods. It includes a functioning roof-top solar array and a rain barrel to collect and conserve water, among other green features visitors can add to their own homes.

Part of the American Cities Climate Challenge grant, the $100,000 project is funded equally by OUC and the City, along with a $15,000 grant from The Natural Resources Defense Council. 

The Tiny Green Home, a partnership between OUC, the City of Orlando and Orlando Science Center, is an educational resource showcasing the benefits of:

  1. Energy and water conservation
  2. Renewable energy
  3. Sustainability rebates
  4. Vehicle electrification,
  5. Composting
  6. Growing your own food
  7. Sustainability programs from OUC, the City, and OSC.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn this tiny home’s big message about sustainability. Tours will be scheduled during Otronicon and included with event admission. Following Otronicon, The Tiny Green Home will be available again for touring during Spring Break, March 12-21.

Otronicon Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily.

General Admission: Otronicon is free for OSC members, $21.00 for adults, $19.00 for seniors and students, and $15.00 for youth (ages 2-11).

Are you curious about a career in tech? Check out Otronicon Tech Connect: A Day in the Life • Powered by Black Orlando Tech 

For more information, please call 407.514.2000.