Curtis Kinetic Science Competition

Competition Date: March 26, 2022

Assemble a team of tinkerers and budding engineers to compete for cash prizes in the Curtis Kinetic Science Competition!

The Curtis Kinetic Science Competition is open to students in equivalent middle school grades, in teams of up to five. This competition challenges students to transform ordinary and found objects into a kinetic system inspired by Rube Goldberg’s famous machines.

If you are a previous participating school looking for our Grade 5 competition please refer to the Curtis Rising Stars event.

Curtis Kinetic Science Competition Requirements

For more information about Orlando Science Center’s science competitions, please contact our Reservations team at 407.514.2112 or email

Space is limited. If you are still interested in participating please complete a registration form. Completing the application does not guarantee a spot in the competition.

Submission Deadline:
February 25, 2022

We are also proud to offer Materials Budget Scholarships; please see the separate application for more information.

Materials Budget Scholarship Application Deadline:
January 29, 2022