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Tiny Green Home Tours

Level 1 Rotunda

Explore our humble home filled with technology and tips to live sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint! Recommended age 6+

There’s No Place Like Space

Our Planet

Explore the solar system at Science on a Sphere with the help of the Cat in the Hat. Recommended age 4+

Discovering Dinosaurs StoryTime


Join us in KidsTown Studio for August's Discovering Dinosaurs StoryTime! Let's travel back in time as we read stories featuring our favorite prehistoric pals. Then we'll work on our fine motor skills with a hands-on, interactive dino activity! Recommended for ages 3+. This program is included with admission, but is limited capacity. Please pick up a ticket at the entrance to KidsTown Studio 15 minutes before the program start time to reserve your spot.

Dr. Dare’s Lab

Dr. Dare's Lab

Explore the world of all things ancient with a mix of paleontology and archaeology themed experiments.

Flight Lab

Flight Lab

Pilot a virtual F-35b through an aerial obstacle course above Hong Kong in this virtual reality flight tutorial! Ages 13+ required to particpate in VR.

Meet A Snake


Discover the amazing adaptations of snakes! Meet one of our animal ambassadors to learn about what makes a snake different from other animals and how invasive snakes are affecting our Florida habitats. Recommended for ages 3+. This program is limited capacity. Please see a KidsTown staff member at the entrance to the KidsTown Studio 15 minutes before start time.

Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs

Dr. Phillips CineDome

Using archaeological discoveries and genetics data, researchers and explorers piece together clues from mummies to better understand the culture, religion, medicine and daily life of antiquity. Relics and bodies provide a window into the world of the pharaohs and -- by reconstructing the DNA -- scientists hope to better understand present-day genetics and to advance medical treatments.

Life With Animals

Science Live Stage

Visit with OSC's animal ambassadors through an all-new animal interaction happening daily on the Science Live Stage, located on Level 2 in the traveling exhibit hall. Learn fun facts about a variety of animals and how you can help preserve and protect their habitats we call home.

Mindboggling Science

Our Planet

Is it magic or science? Either way, your mind is sure to be boggled in this ever-changing stage show!

Cretaceous Creations Tinker Time


Join us in the KidsTown Studio for August’s paleontology inspired Tinker Time where we will explore what a habitat is and create one for our dinosaur friends! Recommended for ages 3+. This program is included with admission, but is limited capacity. Please pick up a ticket at the entrance to KidsTown Studio 15 minutes before the program start time to reserve your spot.

Into America’s Wild

Dr. Phillips CineDome

Into America’s Wild visits some of the most beautiful but untamed landscapes of America, from the lush coastline of Oregon and the wilds of Alaska to the ancient canyons of the Southwest and the rolling hills of the Appalachian Trail. Setting out on this journey are three trailblazers – astronaut John Herrington, Alaskan pilot and youth advocate Ariel Tweto, and long-distance hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis – who share a passion for connecting people to experiences in the wild. As they wind their way through the scenic byways, ancient homelands, secret gems and hidden trails that form the natural tapestry of America, viewers will discover the special human connection we all share with nature.

Dino Safari


Dive deeper into the ever-evolving world of paleontology as an OSC tour guide leads you through our dinosaur hall. Recommended age 6+

Mars Ingenuity Flight

Flight Lab

Become a paleontologist on another planet! Pilot the Mars Ingenuity Helicopter as you look for signs of ancient life. This is a non-VR experience, Ages 8+

Moons & More Tour

Our Planet

Investigate our solar system's mysterious moons, asteroids, and dwarf planets at Science on a Sphere! Recommended age 6+

Cool Science

Our Planet

Learn about the science of extreme cold with liquid nitrogen demonstrations at the Discovery Stage! Recommended age 6+

Dino Dana 2D (20 min)

Digital Adventure Theater

Dino Dana: The Movie finds 10-year-old Dana, who sees dinosaurs in the real world, completing an experiment that asks where all the kid dinosaurs are. To find the answer, Dana, her older sister Saara, and their new neighbors Mateo and Jadiel go on a dinosaur journey bigger than anything Dana has ever faced before.