Early Childhood Education

STEM Discovery Center

It’s never too early to introduce your child to the wonder and curiosity that comes with science learning. Orlando Science Center offers early childhood workshops in a classroom setting to engage your youngest learners in hands-on STEM!

A group of toddlers and caretakers sit in a circle and listen to an educator during the Little Explorers program.

In a Little Explorers workshop (ages 18 to 36 months), you and your child will participate in station-based science activities in a small group classroom setting. You’ll learn how to incorporate science into your daily routine at home, while your child is introduced to new knowledge and sensory experiences. This workshop is designed for one child and one caregiver to attend together. Additional siblings may attend if they have their own accompanying caregiver. Due to the design of the class, infants and older siblings are not allowed

An educator shows preschoolers how to use magnet bars to pick up objects.

Pint-Sized Science (ages 3 to 5 years) is a three-hour workshop designed for children to learn through hands-on play, work as a team, gain independence, and become comfortable with a classroom setting. Drop off your child to engage in station-based activities in the studio and explore the other exhibits in KidsTown. 

Topics & Dates for Fall 2018

September: Story Time - Eric Carle

Little Explorers: Monday 9/10 or Tuesday 9/11 

Pint-Sized Science: Friday 9/14


Get ready to dive into the world of Eric Carle and his friends as we explore the science and art behind stories, such as The Grouchy Ladybug, the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and The Mixed-Up Chameleon.

September: Creepy Crawlies

Little Explorers: Monday 9/24 or Tuesday 9/25
Pint-Sized Science: Friday 9/28


Don’t squish that bug! Even though they give many people the heebie-geebies, bugs play all kinds of important roles in our lives and our world. Come learn all about the awesome ways they contribute to our planet!

October: Up, Up, and Away!

Little Explorers: Monday 10/8 or Tuesday 10/9
Pint-Sized Science: Friday 10/12


Soaring through the sky are all kinds of awesome forms of transportation, and you’ve probably experienced one first hand! Come discover the science behind how these planes, helicopters, and rockets are able to fly through the sky!

October: Spooky Science

Little Explorers: Monday 10/22 or Tuesday 10/23
Pint-Sized Science: Friday 10/26


Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls oh my! Join us as we discover the science behind some spooky things – like gooey slime, eerie fog, and dancing skeletons!

November: Who's Gross? We are!

Little Explorers: Monday 11/5 or Tuesday 11/6
Pint-Sized Science: Friday 11/9


You’re body has a lot of working parts that keep you healthy, and some might even make you say, “Ewwwww!” Come get grossed out as we learn about the cool things that occur inside your human body and how these and other body parts that allow your amazing human body to move, think, and live!

November: Kitchen Chemistry

Little Explorers: Monday 11/26 or Tuesday 11/27
Pint-Sized Science: Friday 11/30


Did you know your kitchen is a secret chemistry lab? Grab a pair of goggles and a lab coat and get ready to create mixtures, solutions, and reactions using everyday things from the kitchen!

December: My World Changes

Little Explorers: Monday 12/3 or Tuesday 12/4
Pint-Sized Science: Friday 12/7


Spring, summer, fall and winter – the seasons bring beautiful changes to Earth. Come discover the science behind why these changes occur, as well as the unique events that can occur during each season.

December: Winter Science

Little Explorers: Monday 12/10 or Tuesday 12/11
Pint-Sized Science: Friday 12/14


Come unlock the mysteries behind “cool science” as we explore and experiment with the fascinating physical and chemical properties of ice, snow, liquid nitrogen, and more!

Topics & Dates for Spring 2019

February: Dinosaur Roar

Little Explorers: Monday 2/4 or Tuesday 2/5 
Pint-Sized Science: Friday 2/8 


Come explore the lives of all kinds of dinosaurs from the great Tyrannosaurs Rex to the humble Brachiosaurus! Discover how they moved, what they ate, and how they spent their days roaming the earth. 

February: Little Bits and Bots

Little Explorers: Monday 2/18 or Tuesday 2/19
Pint-Sized Science: Friday 2/22


Come make some new friends with Code-A-Pillar, Dash, and Ozobot as we explore the not-so-scary world of robotics and computer science!

March: Story Time - Dr. Seuss

Little Explorers: Monday 3/4 or Tuesday 3/5 
Pint-Sized Science: Friday 3/8


One book, two books, three books galore! Come along and explore the science behind three popular Dr. Seuss books – Horton Hears a Who, Bartholomew and the Oobleck, and The Lorax. 

March: Out Of This World

Little Explorers: Monday 3/11 or Tuesday 3/12 
Pint-Sized Science: Friday 3/15 


3…2…1 – BLAST OFF! Climb aboard our space shuttle as we rocket to The Moon, roar by all eight planets, and say hello to The Sun and his starry friends!

April: Can We Build it? Yes We Can! 

Little Explorers: Monday 4/8 or Tuesday 4/9
Pint-Sized Science: Friday 4/12


When you’ve got a problem, how do you solve it? Welcome to the world of Engineers, where you’ll practice problem-solving, communication, and teamwork to solve some pretty tricky (but fun!) design problems.

April: Our Home Planet 

Little Explorers: Monday 4/22 or Tuesday 4/23 
Pint-Sized Science: Friday 4/26 


Our home planet, Earth, is home to a number of plants and animals that make it the perfect place to live in our galaxy. Join us as we investigate what makes our planet so unique, and what we can do to keep it beautiful and healthy for as long as possible! 

May: Amazing Animal Lives

Little Explorers: Monday 5/6 or Tuesday 5/7

Pint-Sized Science: Friday 5/10


Ever wonder how some animals change and shift as they grow? Come along and explore the life cycles of a butterfly, frog, and duck, and experience the magical transformations that occur for each!

May: Pop, Pop, POP!

Little Explorers: Monday 5/20 or Tuesday 5/21

Pint-Sized Science: Friday 5/24


Bubbles are a physical wonder, and can be found in more places than just your bubble bath! Explore what makes up these perfect spheres, the numerous places they exist, and what they can tell you about a chemical reaction!




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Little Explorers

(ages 18 to 36 months)


Workshop Information

1 workshop = 60 minutes

This workshop has two times to choose from:

Monday from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.



Member Workshop Fee – $22

Non-Member Workshop Fee – $28

Per one adult/one child pair per workshop.


Member Semester Bundle – $176

Non-Member Semester Bundle – $224

Per one adult/one child pair for all 8 workshops in the Fall Semester.

Pint-Sized Science

(ages 3 to 5 years)


Program Information 

1 Program = One 3-hour session 

All program times: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.




Member Program Fee – $45 

Non-Member Program Fee – $55 

Per one child for one program session. 


Member Semester Bundle – $320 

Non-Member Semester Bundle – $400 

Per one child for all Fall Semester program sessions.



Exhibit Hall – Level 2

KidsTown offers 11,000 square feet of skill-based activities, where children ages 7 and under are encouraged to play to learn and find excitement around every corner.


Guests can partake in imaginative roleplaying, teamwork and creative play, which is an important part of children’s cognitive development. You’ll star in your own play, learn how oranges travel from tree to table, experiment with cause and effect while having fun with water, and so much more. Young families will enjoy a high-quality and immersive experience!

Science Live!

KidsTown hosts Science Live! experiences like Story Time, Exploration Station and more.

Check the Science Live! Calendar or pick up a Daily Schedule to see what’s happening during your visit.

Featuring seven dynamic and interactive zones!

Drip Drop Splash Presented by James M. Cox Foundation
Explore It Presented by Publix Super Markets Charities
Harriett's KidsTown Theater
Isaacs Family ClimbTime
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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Orlando Science Center’s all-inclusive party packages are designed to take the hassle out of planning your child’s party, so you can relax and celebrate too!

At Orlando Science Center, we have birthday parties down to a science!

Choose the package that works best for you, then customize your event with awesome add-ons and themed programming.


ALL birthday party packages include:

  • Free parking and all-day admission to the Science Center for all of your guests
  • 90 minutes in a private, reserved birthday room
  • A personal party host and assistant (OSC staff)
  • Themed sheet cake, ice cream, lemonade, and water
  • Hands-on themed activities, fun science demos and a guided exhibit tour
  • Printable invitations

To make a birthday party reservation, please call our Reservations Department at 407.514.2112.

Please note: $75 non-refundable deposit is required at time of reservation.

Party Packages

  • 15 guests + 1 birthday child (including adults)
  • Cost: $375 for members; $425 for general public
  • Includes ALL of the benefits listed above
  • Maximum of 5 additional guests can be added for $16 per person
  • 21 guests + 1 birthday child (including adults)
  • Cost: $500 for members; $550 for general public
  • Includes ALL of the benefits listed above
  • Maximum of 11 additional guests can be added for $16 per person
  • 32 guests + 1 birthday child (including adults)
  • Cost: $625 for members; $675 for general public
  • Includes ALL of the benefits listed above
  • Additional guests can be added for $16 per person

Any birthday party can be customized with add-ons like pizzas, sandwich platters, fruit trays, goody bags and much more. Download the full menu of add-ons, and please contact the Birthday Coordinator to purchase any of these items in advance.


Birthday Parties Add-on Menu

Party Themes

Party Animals 

Make sticky bug slime, learn how whales use blubber to stay warm, and meet a live Animal Ambassador who will visit your party! Recommended ages 2 to 5.  


Fantastic Jurassic 

From a T-Rex with tiny arms to a mighty fast Velociraptor, learn about all the dinosaurs that once roamed the earth! The party will erupt as the group builds a volcano and lava lamp. Recommended ages 4 to 6. 


Exploration Space 

Launch a Diet Coke and Mentos space shuttle, make extraterrestrial slime, and more in this out-of-this-world party! Recommended ages 7 to 12. 


Weird Science 

Become a mad scientist as you make ooblek, learn about electrifying circuits, and try some other awesome experiments! Recommended ages 8 to 12.

Frequently Asked Questions

Days & Times

Orlando Science Center hosts birthday parties every Saturday and Sunday except major holidays. Party times are 10:00-11:30, 12:30-2:00, and 3:00-4:30. All party guests have access to the Science Center’s exhibits and theaters from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Guest Counts

Anyone in the party room during the party is counted as a guest, other than the birthday child. Guests who are Science Center members are also included in the guest count.  

If the birthday child is 4 or older, then children 2 and under will not count toward the number of guests. If the birthday child is 3 or younger, then 2-year-olds count toward the number of guests but children under 2 will not count.

Arrival & Check In

When your guests arrive, they can tell the parking attendant that they are birthday party guests and the parking fee will be waived. Guests should proceed to the lobby and then look for birthday party signs with your child’s name. The signs will direct guests to the party room. 


If guests arrive more than 10 minutes before your reserved party time, they should go to the Club House on Level 1 to receive their admission wristbands and drop off any gifts or other party items.


Orlando Science Center provides and sets up decorations in your reserved party room, as well as paper products and tablecloths. The decorations will correspond with your party theme. If you would like to add your own decorations, please inform the Birthday Coordinator in advance so that we can accommodate you.

Food & Drink

Cake, ice cream, lemonade, and water are included with all party packages. You may add on other food items such as pizzas, sandwich platters, fruit trays, and more by selecting items from our approved vendor menu.

Food items may not be brought from home or from a vendor excluded from our approved vendor list. Food allergies will be accommodated; please work with the Birthday Coordinator directly after making your reservation.


A $75 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. Your remaining balance can be settled on the day of your party, in person at the Science Center.


If you need to reschedule your party, please contact Reservations at 407.514.2112. Orlando Science Center can transfer the $75 deposit to another date if one is available, up to 2 times.
Late party arrivals risk a compromised time schedule. No refunds are available for late arrivals. A party will be considered cancelled if the Birthday family doesn’t arrive within 25 minutes of the designated party time.