Superhero Weekend!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superhero Weekend!
Join us on Saturday, April 10, and Sunday, April 11t as we celebrate heroes in all their forms! Learn about everyday heroes in our community, discover the science behind your favorite superpowers, and power up with heroic crafts, stories, shows, and more!
All guests are encouraged to wear their favorite family-friendly superhero costume. Don’t forget your face mask, it’s a very important part of your super suit!

Green Actioneers Presentations

Orlando Science Center is excited to host the Green Actioneers! Learn how you and your family can help save our planet by making small changes to your daily routines! Join Dave from the Green Actioneers in our Founders Room for a socially distant, interactive celebration and activity book with information on climate change and how we can all do our part to save our planet.

Each program is about 40 minutes and will take place at 12:00, 1:00, and 2:00 pm. Families and caregivers are encouraged to participate with their children throughout the presentation.

This featured programming from The Green Actioneers is presented with support from the VoLo Foundation. The VoLo Foundation’s mission is to accelerate change and global impact by supporting science-based climate solutions, enhancing education, and improving health. A special thank you to the foundation for making this program possible!

Fairy Tale Weekend Presented by Florida Prepaid

Hear ye, hear ye!  

 The Kingdom of KidsTown would like to cordially invite you to join us as we celebrate Fairy Tale Weekend presented by Florida Prepaid College Plans! Steer your horse-drawn carriage over to Orlando Science Center February 8 & 9 to celebrate an enchanting weekend of STEM learning inspired by your favorite fables. 


By using fairy tales and stories, kids aren’t just learning, they’re excited to learn, and they take those lessons with them. Our young guests love these fables, and it’s a unique opportunity to harness that, and help children and families to write and celebrate their own story!


Cross the troll bridge if you dare and join us for hands-on fun! Fairy Tale Weekend is going to be one for the books! 


Event Table of Contents: 


•  Go on an enchanted quest! Adventure your way through KidsTown to help feed a hangry dragon 


•  Put your engineering skills to the test and see if you can build a castle worthy of royalty! 


•  Dress to impress! Wear your favorite family-friendly fantasy costume! 


•  Whether you’re a jester or a dragon, head to DinoDigs to make and take your own crown, wand, storybook, and more! 


•  Brew up some magic in Dr. Dare’s Lab, and learn about the chemistry behind magic potions. 


•  Meet real-life explorer, Dr. Pål Brekke as he shares the history and science behind the breathtaking Northern Lights.



Admission to Orlando Science Center is FREE for members*, $21 for adults, $19 for seniors and students, and $15 for youth (ages 2 – 11). Tickets include access to all four floors of exhibits, giant-screen and 3D educational films, and live programming.


SCIENCE FOR ALL – General Admission Access Program: 

If you have an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) or WIC card with a State issued photo ID matching the name and state as the card, you qualify for a $3 admission per person for up to six individuals.


*Become a member for unlimited access to Orlando Science Center all year long, discounts to camps, and special member-only events!

KidsTown Presents Superhero Week

Orlando Science Center’s KidsTown presents Superhero Week with support from 321 Creative April 11-14!

Orlando Science Center is turning KidsTown into a superhero metropolis for Superhero Week to celebrate all heroes, big and small! Throughout the week you’re invited to come and enjoy superhero themed crafts, games, stories, and more! Join us on Saturday, April 13 for our largest event day and get the chance to meet some of your favorite superheroes in person.

Family-friendly costumes are strongly encouraged!

KidsTown Presents Superhero Week

Orlando Science Center’s KidsTown presents Superhero Week with support from 321 Creative April 11-14!

Orlando Science Center is turning KidsTown into a superhero metropolis for Superhero Week to celebrate all heroes, big and small! Throughout the week you’re invited to come and enjoy superhero themed crafts, games, stories, and more! Join us on Saturday, April 13 for our largest event day and get the chance to meet some of your favorite superheroes in person.

Family-friendly costumes are strongly encouraged!

Seuss Days

Orlando Science Center is throwing a birthday party for Dr. Seuss! Join us in KidsTown on level 2 and enjoy special StoryTimes, Seuss crafts, Seuss games and more. Plus, don’t forget to wear your best Seuss-inspired outfit!

Camp Programs

Give your children a productive and fun way to spend their time out of school with a program that offers them the chance to learn more about STEM in an exciting, interactive environment!

Orlando Science Center's camp programs inspire students to get excited about STEM as they create, experiment, make new friends, and develop 21st Century skills.

A group of children playing with oobleck during a break camp.

Break Camps

When school’s out, break camps are in! Full-day programs are available for children in Preschool* through Grade 5 throughout the school year.

Young children engaged in STEM activity at their desks in social distant camp classroom.

Summer Camps

Let your children explore their favorite science topics in-depth at Orlando Science Center Summer Camps! Programs available for Preschool* – Grade 9.

*Preschool is a DCF licensed center C09OR0729.

Science Center Preschool

The Science Center Approach 

At Orlando Science Center’s Preschool, children benefit not only from a developmentally appropriate learning space which includes hands-on activities and skill building centers, but also the diverse and content-rich STEM experiences on-site. 

Our approach focuses on the whole child and incorporates project-based learning and the inquiry method. By using a project-based approach, children learn to apply subject matter to real world problems relevant to their age and community. 

The staff, trained in effective questioning techniques and the facilitation of thoughtful dialogue, guide children through scientific inquiry and the engineering design process. Children thereby gain proficiency in scientific thinking and engineering process skills through repeated exposure and repetition. 

Using a combination of Creative Curriculum blended with our own curricula provides STEM integration across all content domains. This blended curriculum format applies science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) practices to traditional early childhood domains such as literacy, language, social and emotional development, cognitive development, gross and fine motor skills, and the arts. By applying STEM learning in this way, learners gain an understanding of how to apply knowledge and use critical thinking skills to solve problems.


What is STEM? 

STEM education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning, combining multiple academic subjects, focusing on the real-world impact of these lessons. It is about students applying science, technology, engineering and mathematics in contexts that make relevant connections between themselves and their school, community, work and their world. STEM education provides opportunities to create skills that move students forward to become stronger problem solvers and more creative innovators that can lead tomorrow’s global economy. 

STEM learning creates an environment that builds critical 21st century skills, which are commonly referred as the four “C’s”: Critical thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity. These skills must be fostered throughout a child’s education because they are essential to building other important skills such as persistence, innovative thinking, teamwork and problem solving.

Contact the Preschool Office at 407.514.2166 for more information or to arrange a tour of the Preschool.

OSC 2021-22 Preschool Brochure
Two children in preschool measure liquids into different containers.
A teacher guides a preschooler in a finger paint activity.


New! – Brightwheel Digital Communication App

  • You will be able to direct message your Childs class
  • Reports, pictures and videos of your Childs experience are uploaded daily
  • Digital QR check in/out system and monthly newsletters are just a few of the many features

Early Childhood Appropriate Practices

  • Florida Early Learning Developmental Standards Birth to Kindergarten (2017)
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children(NAEYC) Standards

Qualified Early Childhood/Elementary Education Staff

  • Birth-Five Child Care Credential, National Early ChildhoodCredential, Degrees in Early Childhood/Elementary Education
  • Level 2 Background Screened
  • First Aid/CPR Infant/Child and Adult Certified
  • Experience working with children 0 – 8 years old

Age and Developmentally  Appropriate Curriculum

  • Orlando Science Center STEM curricula applying science,technology, engineering and math
  • Creative Curriculum, innovative and research based
  • Embedding Science, Math, Literacy, Language, Cognitive,Gross and Fine Motor, and skills into daily activities

Hands-on classroom and outdoor environment activities through Play and Exploration

  • STEM approaches and Engineering Design Process integrated in daily schedule
  • Using all 5 senses – See, Hear, Touch, Smell and Taste
  • Music and Movement, Physical Activity, Spanish and Sign Language

Licensed by the Department of Children and Families – Childcare Center  C09OR0729

Voluntary PreKindergarten Provider (VPK) – Early Learning Coalition of Orange County

Open to any child and family regardless of race, ethnicity, faith or creed

2021 - 2022 Preschool Tuition

Discovery Preschool – 3 Years Old by September 1, 2021

Weekly Tuition includes 2 snacks daily

OSC Member

General Public

3 Days

$190 Weekly

$225 Weekly

5 Days

$255 Weekly

$285 Weekly

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten/VPK Wrap – 4 Years Old by September 1, 2021  

VPK includes 1 snack daily

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten /VPK WRAP includes 2 snacks daily

OSC Member

General Public

VPK Only

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Monday – Friday

$0 Weekly*

$0 Weekly*

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten/VPK WRAP

7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Monday – Friday

$200 Weekly

$220 Weekly

Annual Registration Fees: $245 non-refundable (does not apply to VPK Only).

All students must be independently fully toilet trained. Pricing is subject to change.

*FREE for any Orange County resident. Must have VPK Voucher from the Early Learning Coalition of Orange County. Does NOT include Early and Late Care.


Exhibit Hall – Level 1

In NatureWorks, you’ll learn about the amazing animals and plants that inhabit coral reefs, mangrove forests, cypress swamps and other Florida environments, along with other areas around the world. 

Discover what lies deep within the Floridan Aquifer, learn how to identify some of Florida’s native and invasive species, and observe animals in their unique habitats to understand their amazing adaptations!

Within the exhibit hall, there are frequent opportunities to hear from a NatureWorks animal keeper and encounter some of our Animal Ambassadors up close at their scheduled encounters!

Orlando Science Center strives to inspire all of its visitors to care for and protect wildlife both near and far. It is our hope that your visit to the Science Center will encourage you to learn more about our animals and the actions you can take to protect their wild counterparts.

Check out the Building Guide to see a map and information for our current exhibits.

Download Building Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Who takes care of the animals at the Science Center?

Our experienced keepers ensure the highest quality of animal care and welfare. The keepers at Orlando Science Center all hold specialized degrees in a variety of life science disciplines including Biology, Environmental Science, and Zoo Animal Technology.

Our animal staff has years of experience caring for a variety of animals and are well versed in the animal care standards established by the United States Department of Agriculture and Fish and Wildlife. The Science Center also works with several licensed exotic animal veterinarians to provide top-quality nutrition and veterinary care to all of our animals.

Where does the Science Center get its animals?

The Orlando Science Center has a Responsible Population Management policy that dictates all animal acquisitions and transfers. Our policy prioritizes the long-term sustainability of living animal populations and the health and welfare of our animals.

Many of our animals were donated to us by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Fish and Wildlife removes invasive species from the environment and places them in zoos and nature centers. We also house animals that Fish and Wildlife confiscated from people who possessed them illegally.

Several of our animals come from FWC’s Pet Amnesty program which rehomes animals that Florida residents can no longer care for. We are proud to provide a safe and enriching home for these animals.

What if I have a question about the animals at the Science Center?

Next time you’re in the NatureWorks exhibit, come say hi to one of our staff members or volunteers. They love talking about animals! You can also contact us at for any inquiries regarding our animal collection

Want to become a keeper for the day?

Participate in diet prep, target training, enjoy meet-and-greets, and more when you book a private experience!


Exhibit Hall – Level 2

KidsTown offers 11,000 square feet of skill-based activities, where children ages 7 and under are encouraged to play to learn and find excitement around every corner. 

Guests can partake in imaginative roleplaying, teamwork and creative play, which is an important part of children’s cognitive development. You’ll star in your own play, learn how oranges travel from tree to table, experiment with cause and effect while having fun with water, and so much more. Young families will enjoy a high-quality and immersive experience!

There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread through water play areas. Additionally, the treatment of the water with bromine should inactivate the virus in water. (CDC, 2020)

Drip Drop Splash Presented by James M. Cox Foundation

View all Events at this Venue

Check out the Building Guide to see a map and information for our current exhibits.

Download Building Guide

Featuring seven dynamic and interactive zones!

Child on small tractor in Orange Grove exhibit at Orlando Science Center

Orange Grove

Presented by: Dr. Phillips Charities

In the Orange Grove, children find endless opportunities for imaginative play and experimentation with simple machines. Moving oranges throughout the space builds motor skills and stimulates learning through collaboration, communication, and teamwork, while also developing key process skills such as measuring, sorting, and weighing.

Child playing in climber jungle gym at Orlando Science Center

Isaacs Family ClimbTime

Active and exploratory play is a great way to encourage children to enjoy physical activity. Gross-motor development, focus, hand-eye coordination, body confidence, and overcoming fears are all part of the Isaacs Family ClimbTime experience. These exercises help children explore their abilities and become more comfortable taking risks in a safe environment.

ClimbTime is for children ages 4-7 and their caregivers.

Caregiver playing with baby on foam play mat in Orlando Science Center Toddler playspace


Presented by: Embrace Families

It often seems that toddlers never sit still as they use their developing skills to explore the world around them! Toddlers love to exercise these skills and allowing them to do so on their own terms helps them build confidence in their abilities. Here in Toddler Town, let them determine what they want to explore and let them learn how to navigate and experience activities on their own.

Toddler Town is for children ages 0-2 and their caregivers.

Group of children playing in interactive water play area in Orlando Science Center's children's exhibit

Drip Drop Splash

Presented by: James M. Cox Foundation

At the water tables, we see young scientists in action. Using water and various props as their tools, children experiment with physics, engineering, material science, and fluid dynamics as they develop and test their ideas about the way water moves. Touching, pouring, moving, and even splashing reveals the unique properties of water and encourages experimentation.

Children participating in art project in KidsTown studio

KidsTown Studio

Presented by: AdventHealth for Children

In the Studio, children are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities and workshops that help them learn to think creatively, problem-solve, express themselves, and collaborate. The flexibility of this space makes it the perfect environment for children to build confidence in a variety of skills and discover that playing can be learning!

Orlando Science Center Story Time in KidsTown Theatre

Harriett's KidsTown Theatre

Children get the green light to be loud, be silly, and to celebrate their imagination in Harriett’s KidsTown Theatre. Drama, music, and movement are known to improve reading comprehension as well as both verbal and nonverbal communication.

Children building with foam blocks in exploration-based early childhood exhibit

Explore It

Presented by: Publix Super Markets Charities

The world is full of things just waiting to be built and discovered. Explore It! represents a collection of those things, with an emphasis on open-ended activities designed for a new and unique experience with each visit. Whether children are exploring cause-and-effect or constructing their own tower as part of an explorative building exercise, they are exposed to an abundance of interactives that boost their social, physical, and cognitive skills.

Thank You to Our Generous Donors


AdventHealth for Children

$500,000 – $999,999

City of Orlando • Dr. Phillips Charities • Florida Division of Cultural Affairs • Orange County Arts and Cultural Affairs •  The Isaacs Family

$100,000 – $499,999

Embrace Families • Harriett’s Charitable Trust • Event Network • Margret A. Cargill Foundation • PNC Bank • Publix Supermarket Charities • The James M. Cox Foundation • The Martin Andersen – Gracia Andersen Foundation

$25,000 – $99,999

Art and Phyllis Grindle Foundation • Lucy DiPasqua • Finfrock • Virginia and Robert Finfrock • Dennis and Karen Lind • BG Stephen M. Seay, USA (Ret) and Seay Business Solutions, LLC • Paula Stuart •  The Chesley G. Magruder Foundation, Inc. • The Hearst Foundations • Keri and Luke Widmer

$10,000 – $24,999

A. Friends’ Foundation • Aland Family •  Jeff and Faith Buhler • Michel and Lisa Champagne • Sue and Jim Cross •  Catriona and Mike Harris •  Samual and Heather Miller • JoAnn and Rich Newman • William J. Slot, Jr. • Scott H. Wilson • Ying Family Foundation • Dennis Nolte and Rebecca York