Planet Pioneers

Traveling Exhibit Hall – Level 2

With 17 unique interactive exhibits, Planet Pioneers will put budding space explorers to the test as they attempt to source their own food and shelter, and solve problems in an unknown world.

This out-of-this-world exhibit will not only challenge aspiring astronauts to learn about the physical challenges of space exploration, but will also focus on teamwork, leadership building skills, and creative problem-solving.

Check out the Building Guide to see what’s happening during your visit. 

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From mapping and exploring a new planet, to solving environmental emergencies, living in a new world is no easy task!

  • Explore a new world in a 4-D Surface Exploration Vehicle
  • Map the surface with the help of a virtual drone
  • Build a model habitat that can withstand a harsh environment
  • And more!

With everything we’ve learned about our closest planetary neighbor,  Mars, in recent years and the resurgence in space exploration, we could see someone living on Mars in your lifetime! Could that be YOU?

Planet Pioneers was created and designed by Scitech and produced by Imagine Exhibitions.