Zoo in You & Human Plus

Traveling Exhibit – Level 2 

Presented by Florida Blue

Open September 22, 2018 – January 6, 2019

Zoo In You and Human Plus go hand in hand to take you on a journey to explore the anatomy and technology that makes the human body unique and mighty! Zoo In You introduces guests to the trillions of microbes living inside our bodies, while Human Plus explores the low-tech and high-tech tools that extend the abilities of the human body.


With Zoo In You, learn about the complex world inside the human body, while trying your hand at matching DNA and building your own viruses. Hop in front of the green screen to get a “weather report” on the climate conditions of your nose, mouth, gut or skin; then snap a photo when you see what you’d look like as a microbe!


Discover the real-world impact of technology on enhancing human abilities in Human Plus! People who use these new technologies, such as neuroprosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, and vision enhancements, will captivate visitors as they share their stories. Guests can test out a simulated downhill mono-ski course, then become a DJ by sitting in a wheelchair and using the wheels to fade and scratch music tracks.

Science Live!

Don't miss the exciting live show Microbe Mania on the Science Live Stage, located inside the traveling exhibit hall.

Check the Science Live! Calendar or pick up a Daily Schedule to see what’s happening during your visit.