Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine

Traveling Exhibit – Level 2 

Open September 14, 2019 – January 5, 2020

What do you think of when you hear the term "Artificial Intelligence?" More often than not, you might think of a movie with an evil robot intent on destroying the world. Hollywood films often present a frightening image of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but the reality is that we use AI in our daily lives without even knowing it. Our smartphones, Siri, Google Maps, and Alexa all use AI.


During its world premiere at Orlando Science Center this fall, Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine will show visitors exactly what AI is, how it works, and what it might do in the future.


From illusions that trick our brains to machines that can identify your emotions and translate languages, Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine shows numerous ways that the human mind and thinking machines work. Once you’ve seen this exhibit, you will have a new understanding of how our brains view the world... and how smart machines are trying to become more like us.

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Enjoy these interactive exhibits and more when you land in this 5,000-square-foot exhibit hall!

  • Chihuahua or Blueberry Muffin?
    Part of this exhibit will feature illusions. Some can fool people, and some can fool machines. Without full context, our brains cannot always make sense of images. Machines can see illusions we can’t, but they can’t see things we can! For example: without ears and a tail, a Chihuahua can easily look like a blueberry muffin!
  • Quick Draw: What are you drawing?
    Have you ever played Pictionary with a group? It’s frustrating when your teammates can’t guess your drawings, but imagine that they only have 20 seconds to guess what you created. That’s exactly what this AI exhibit will do! Draw an object on the screen, then see if the AI — which has been trained with over 50 million drawings — can guess what it is in 20 seconds! Since no two people will draw an object the exact same way, the AI has to make millions of calculations in order to come close to the answer.
  • AI Face Transferral
    One of the most popular uses of AI is turning real faces into models of animated characters — or even other human faces. In this interactive, watch as an AI tracks the movement of your face and head using facial recognition to transfer your actions onto animated characters on the screen.
  • More Experiences
    In other interactives, an AI will translate a fairy tale written in Russian into English, show you what a self-driving car sees out of its windows, and guesses if you are feeling happy, sad, joyful, or angry. AI will also help you play a song on the piano, compete with you in ping-pong, and have a conversation with you about anything you’d like to talk about.


These are just a few of the experiences in Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & the Machine. You won’t believe what else AI has in store. Don’t miss the world premiere of this exhibit and your chance to learn more about Artificial Intelligence, opening September 14 – January 5, only at Orlando Science Center.




Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & the Machine was created by The Relayer Group. They bring innovation and technology to consumers of all ages through enriching and educational experiences. As an exhibit developer, The Relayer Group co-produced the successful science-of-sound exhibit, GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World.