Science of Wine


January 18–21, 2019

Explore hands-on, cutting-edge technology with exhibitors, guest speakers, workshops at Orlando’s favorite interactive tech expo open to the public January 18–21, 2019!

Otronicon is Orlando Science Center’s four-day interactive technology expo, open to guests of all ages. At Otronicon, guests walk on the cutting edge through state-of-the-art gaming and simulation technologies, including military and medical simulators not typically available to the public. Regardless of your background, whether you work in the tech industry or just have a passion for learning, Otronicon will engage your mind and spark your curiosity.
Immerse yourself in virtual reality experiences from entertainment and military industries   Play to the max with demos from indie game developers and video game competitions   Learn about the future of health and with some the latest medical technologies   Go deeper with breakout experiences like hands-on workshops and guest speaker presentations

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