Limited Space Remains for Orlando Science Center’s Academy Summer Camps!

Is your middle-schooler wild for animal science? Or maybe your teenager is sleuthing to be the next Sherlock Holmes? Whatever their passion, your young scientists will explore, discover and thrive in Orlando Science Center’s Academy summer camps for grades 5 to 6 and 7 to 9. From exploring drone technology to training a tortoise, future STEM leaders are the stars of these unique and exciting experiences.


Here are just some of the highlights of Orlando Science Center’s electrifying academy summer camps! Limited space is available, so sign up today!

Grades 5 — 6

NatureWorks Naturalists
July 1—5

Become a NatureWorks Ambassador with a behind the scenes look at the popular exhibit focused on animals and their ecosystems. Help develop a NatureWorks expansion, see how chemistry, physics and biology play a major role in the care of a wide range of animals and even train tortoises!


Grades 7 — 9

Stop Motion Animation
July 1 — 5

Bring clay, Legos, and everyday objects to life on the big screen! Using the latest in animation technology and stop-motion cameras, you’ll develop spectacular short films to impress your family and friends.


Drone Zone
July 15 — 19
Take to the skies and go where people can’t travel! Explore drone technology and try to master flying these marvelous machines. Then, learn how scientists are using the latest technology to follow bird migrations, deliver relief packages after natural disasters, map uncharted territory and discover lost cities.


Forensic Files

July 29—August 2

Analyze physical evidence, find hidden fingerprints, take shoe impressions, analyze hair and fiber samples and examine DNA. Through scientific observation, measurement, deduction and prediction, you’ll close this case like a real detective.


Insight: Mission to Mars
August 5 — 9

More missions have been attempted to Mars than anywhere else in the Solar System! What’s next for the exploration of the Red Planet? From modeling the orbits of Earth and Mars to determine the launch window to designing and creating model rovers and landers, we’ll take the next step as Martian explorers!