STEM Day 2019

Orlando Science Center leads the way to the Florida Capitol to highlight the importance of STEM

Leaders from science centers and museums from around the state are planning to join Orlando Science Center to celebrate Florida’s future of technology and innovation during STEM Day at the Florida Capitol on April 16, 2019. The goal is to engage legislators about the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education and to highlight the critical role that Science Centers play in inspiring and creating the STEM workforce of tomorrow.


Participants will be stationed inside and outside the Capitol building with experiments, simulators, robots and more! Throughout the day, state legislators will take part in hands-on activities while learning how STEM education helps grow Florida’s technological workforce.


STEM has evolved to become a critically important topic in education and industry. Therefore quality STEM education is more important than ever. Technology and scientific innovation are the driving forces of our society with great impacts on the economy and our standard of living. America’s standing in the global marketplace has depended upon being able to compete with other nations in scientific and technological development, and success requires an educated youth base and a talented workforce.


“In order for Florida to stay competitive, it is imperative that our children develop a strong foundation in STEM education,” said Orlando Science Center President & CEO JoAnn Newman. “STEM is more than a buzzword, it’s about our future. It’s about instilling skills for success in our young people in order for them to fill tomorrow’s jobs. Science Centers and museums help with filling that pipeline that runs from cradle to career.”


In recent years, less than one-third of university students in the United States have chosen to pursue a STEM field. Boomers are retiring and creating job vacancies, but colleges and universities aren’t producing enough STEM graduates to fill those roles. As a result, it is projected that the U.S. might be short as many as three million high-skilled workers in the near future.


Partnerships among museums, science centers, educational institutions and industry provide opportunities to engage youth by bringing STEM subjects to life. By presenting the real-world applications of STEM skills in visual and dynamic ways, students can be inspired to pursue further education and ultimately careers in STEM fields. And regardless of the field they enter, tomorrow’s innovators will need strong skills in problem-solving, critical thinking and teamwork to be successful. These skills are reinforced through active, challenge-based activities offered at informal learning environments like museums and science centers.


Thank you to our STEM Day 2019 Partners: