Try This At Home: Mad Scientist Slime

Did you know? It's Spooky Science Month at Orlando Science Center! This October, we're exploring the science behind the creepy, spooky and slimey! Enjoy special live shows like GHOSTFLUSTERS, where you'll watch Wanda and Flanda try to solve a ghost problem with the latest & greatest ghost flusting technology. Plus enjoy workshops in The Hive: A Makerspace, experiments in Dr. Dare's Lab and more! 


Last week our staff came up with a scrumptious DIY Rock Candy recipe, and this week they've concocted the slimiest slime recipe for you to try at home! 


Materials (makes one “serving” of slime):

  • 1 8oz bottle of white school glue
  • Liquid starch
  • Neon green food coloring
  • Spoon
  • Bowl
  • Borax dissolved in warm water (optional)


  • Pour your glue into a bowl and stir in the liquid starch a little bit at a time. You can use a spoon or your hands for mixing!
  • Add liquid starch until you reach a consistency like sticky Silly Putty. If you leave your slime as is, it will continue to be sticky.
  • Dissolve some Borax in warm water and add it a little at a time to your slime if you would like to make it stick to itself instead of to you.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding something extra like glitter or glow in the dark paint!
  • Play with your concoction on a clean, smooth surface in a non-carpeted area and store in an air-tight container.
  • For a fun Halloween twist, you can also add googly eyes and make monster slime!

For a visual step-by-step, check out this video of our staff creating slime! 

Top Four Reasons We’re Batty About Bats!

Bats are misunderstood. They’re often considered the terror flapping in the night that’ll swoop down and attack humans for their sweet blood. This isn’t true. Before you start rubbing garlic all over your body this Halloween season, we want to tackle some myths surrounding this misunderstood mammal and show you how helpful and cool they really are.


  1. Bat’s dining menu: And what will the bat have this evening? All 13 native Florida bat species exclusively eat insects. You heard that right, JUST insects! You can expect them to snack on flies, wasps, mosquitoes and more. Bats love eating insects so much that they eat around 1000 every night (if only we could eat 1000 servings of our favorite food…). This makes bats a great natural form of pest control. Now you know there’s absolutely no human blood for dinner! 
  2. Pollination information: Bats are a proud member of the “Pollen Nation” with bees, butterflies, birds and more! Much like their fellow “B” pollinators, bats are critical to the development of fruits and flowers. Bats help pollinate when they feed on nectar in flowers and also help disperse seeds. What’s cuter than a bat’s face covered in yellow pollen? Absolutely nothing. Be sure to thank a bat next time you enjoy a mango or banana
  3. Great guano: Bat poop is awesome! We can’t get enough of this stuff. Bat poop is primarily used as a fertilizer because it’s rich in nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, which really help plants grow. Bat poop is mostly popular in organic farming. Don’t put that organic apple down though! This is a natural and completely safe fertilizer. No bats or bat poop were harmed in the making of your food.
  4. The Bat Cave: Remember the time you and your classmates huddled around each other at 7am while your teacher tried removing the bat in your classroom? Or maybe it was the time you and your parent had to crawl up to the attic to remove a couple of bats from your house! These are just a few examples of man-made structures that bats like to roost in. Bats can also either roost alone, with small groups or in large colonies. If you suspect bats are living in your home, contact animal control. For the safety of the bat, and yourself – trying to a remove a bat on your own is not reccomended as they can carry rabies.


Extra fun fact:

Bats are bloodsuckers! There are three vampire bat species (out of more than 1,300 bat species) that feed on blood, but only one targets mammals. All vampire bats are limited to Latin America. Oh, and they don’t suck blood, they lap it like kittens with milk! Click here to learn more about bats. 


So, the next time you see a bat out at night, don’t scream and run away! Take a moment to appreciate the helpful and cool things the over 1300 species of bats around the world do.


Want to bust more spooky science myths? Swoop on over to Orlando Science Center during Spooky Science Month to learn about bats and more during your next visit.

Join Us For Spooky Science Month…If You Dare

October is Spoooooooky Science Month at Orlando Science Center! 

All month long we're celebrating the science of the creepy and spooky with themed programming, special events and more! Catch our fan-favorite live show “Ghostflusters!” where our experts in ghost removal will show you how to deal with pesky spirits. Put your bravery to the test with treacherous tasks during Fear Factor Jr. Step into The Hive: A Makerspace for workshops like Machine Sewing 101, Wearable Tech and more!


Click here to view October's schedule of events.


Frighteningly Fun Fall Events:

Science Night Live DEAD

October 5

We’re putting a spooky spin on science at our next adults-only event! Will we have robot overlords in the near future? Find out in our traveling exhibit Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & the Machine. Hear from engaging guest speakers, catch an interactive Synesthesia presentation with Synthestruct, and participate in ghoulishly good trivia for prizes. Tickets are just $16, must be 21+ to attend.  Click here for more details. 

Science Night Dead Event on October 5

Canstruction Orlando

October 14 – November 10

Feast your eyes on impressive structures featuring canned and packaged foods as building materials! Sculptures will feature spooky science experiments can-structed in the laboratory that are concocted to help solve hunger. At the end of each exhibition, all can structures will be disassembled and donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. Last year, 11 teams used 33,000 cans to build everything from piñatas to dinosaurs and aliens to bounce houses! We can’t wait to see what this
year’s frightfully fun competition has in store.

Canstruction Orlando 2019 graphic

OSC After Dark

October 25

Join us if you dare for the Halloween party of the year with all of Orlando’s young professionals! Delight in a frightfully fun night at the museum as you dance in our dinosaur graveyard, participate in a costume contest, enjoy live music and entertainment, and sink your fangs into sweet and savory bites and booo-zy beverages! A limited number of all-inclusive tickets are available for this 21+ event. Early bird tickets are $35 through October 11 and
$50 after. Click here to get yours today. 

OSC After Dark Graphic

Members-only Pumpkins & Protons Party

October 30


Our most popular member-only event is back and better than ever! Bring your entire clan of monsters for a safe night of Halloween fun for creatures of all ages. Enjoy carnival games in Monster Midway and spooktacular experiences on all four floors! Plus, purchase tasty treats from local food trucks and dine with costumed characters in the Club House. Limited tickets are available on a first come, first served basis. A link to reserve tickets will be emailed to all current members in October.


Not a Member yet? Click here to learn more about becoming an OSC Member!