Try This At Home: Mad Scientist Slime

Did you know? It's Spooky Science Month at Orlando Science Center! This October, we're exploring the science behind the creepy, spooky and slimey! Enjoy special live shows like GHOSTFLUSTERS, where you'll watch Wanda and Flanda try to solve a ghost problem with the latest & greatest ghost flusting technology. Plus enjoy workshops in The Hive: A Makerspace, experiments in Dr. Dare's Lab and more! 


Last week our staff came up with a scrumptious DIY Rock Candy recipe, and this week they've concocted the slimiest slime recipe for you to try at home! 


Materials (makes one “serving” of slime):

  • 1 8oz bottle of white school glue
  • Liquid starch
  • Neon green food coloring
  • Spoon
  • Bowl
  • Borax dissolved in warm water (optional)


  • Pour your glue into a bowl and stir in the liquid starch a little bit at a time. You can use a spoon or your hands for mixing!
  • Add liquid starch until you reach a consistency like sticky Silly Putty. If you leave your slime as is, it will continue to be sticky.
  • Dissolve some Borax in warm water and add it a little at a time to your slime if you would like to make it stick to itself instead of to you.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding something extra like glitter or glow in the dark paint!
  • Play with your concoction on a clean, smooth surface in a non-carpeted area and store in an air-tight container.
  • For a fun Halloween twist, you can also add googly eyes and make monster slime!

For a visual step-by-step, check out this video of our staff creating slime!