Sensory Soap Experiments • 5 Brilliant Ways to Learn About Bubbles

Learn about the science of suds with these sensory soap experiments!

Double, double, science, and bubbles!

Bubbles are everywhere! We see them in soap, soda, and even our own saliva (gross!)Have you ever wondered why and how scientists study bubbles? Try it out for yourself with these five sensory soap experiments that will teach you all about the science of suds and bubbles.

Water you waiting for? Let's get started! 

Bubble Snakes

Make bubble snakes with this sensory, early childhood approved activity! With just a few items, you can make long, endless bubbles. To make this more fun, add some washable paint to your bubble solution!

Lava Lamps

Lava lamps are making a comeback with this DIY project! With some simple items found around the house, your young scientist will learn all about density with these simple steps.

Un-Poppable Bubbles

If you’ve ever wondered why bubbles pop, you’re not alone. Other than being poked or landing on something sharp, bubbles pop when the water between the soap film surfaces evaporates.

Want to make your own un-poppable bubbles? All you need is water, dish soap, and glycerin. 

Bath Fizzers

It’s time to make bath fizzers for you and your friends! This chemistry project introduces chemical reactions.

Make your bath fizzer as unique as you by experimenting with different scents or colors. 

Iridescent Bookmarks

Iridescence is a rainbow-like coloration that changes colors when you look at it from different angles. It can be found naturally in animals like fish scales or a butterfly's wing.  It can also be seen in bubbles!

Using just drops of clear nail polish, you can achieve this effect at home and create a customized iridescent bookmark!