Synesthesia: Why Some People Hear Color or Taste Sound

Synesthesia is a rare neurological anomaly, estimated to affect about three to five percent of the population in which the senses (smell, taste, sight, touch, and sound) intertwine. For example, associating certain letters with specific colors or tasting specific sounds. For synesthetes, it’s completely normal, for most of us it’s hard to imagine.


For this reason, Orlando Science Center’s adults-only Science Night Live event is thrilled to host a panel on Synesthesia featuring two synesthetes and a neuropsychologist on August 17! The engaging panel will feature the work of artist and synesthete Christina Eve whose artwork will be on display in the Fusion STEAM gallery during Science Night Live.


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About the Panel:

Christina Eve
Musician, Visual Artist and Synesthete

Christina Eve’s synesthesia comes in the form of visualizing sounds. Inherently attracted to music at a young age, she has pursued a career in music, and it wasn’t until a few years ago she discovered she had synesthesia.


“As a synesthete, listening to music is always an extraordinary experience since my ears, eyes, heart, and mind are all inundated. This experience of seeing sound is so remarkable, I cannot help but put these beautiful images on to canvas, so those who cannot see sound can experience this magical dimension of sound.”


Michael van Gelder
Photography Instructor, Musician and Synesthete

Michael van Gelder’s synesthesia is similar although no two synethetes see things the exact same way. "Since my earliest memories, sounds have been linked with colors, shapes and textures. I "listen" & "see" differently than most. It affects my everyday existence and only until recently did I discover there was a name for it. Synesthesia is a part of me, it shapes the music and photographs I create and the world around me as only I perceive it. For me, my synesthesia is a beautiful gift."


Dr. Megan Sherod
Clinical Associate Professor and Neuropsychologist

Dr. Sherod is a Clinical Associate Professor and Neuropsychologist in both the Department of Psychology, and the School of Communication Sciences & Disorders, at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Sherod also holds a specialty certification in Neuropsychology, Neurorehabilitation, and Clinical Neuroscience from the University of Florida.


She is the Founder and Director of the UCF Adaptive Community Program which pairs UCF students, faculty, and staff with members of the Orlando community that have survived stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, and/or are living with a neurodegenerative disease.

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Meet Two Engineers Bringing Human Spaceflight Back to The United States

Melanie Weber and Louis Atchison To Speak At Science Night Live on March 2

The final frontier, the great unknown, or as we like to call it – SPACE. From Galileo looking to the cosmos almost 400 years ago to the first steps on the moon, and everything in between – the world’s fascination with space exploration is one trait we all have in common. For three decades, NASA sent American astronauts into orbit, each with different missions, triumphs, and even tragedies. During this time, the United States learned vital information about the vast darkness above us.


Since NASA’s Space Shuttle Program ended in 2011, the United States has not been able to send astronauts to space from American soil. However, one company has been working tirelessly toward bringing human spaceflight back to the U.S. Enter Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner. This 21st-century space capsule will restore America’s independence in human spaceflight by sending three astronauts – two from NASA and one from Boeing – into space later this year.


Two engineers from the remarkable team tasked with creating this vessel will be at Science Night Live on March 2 to speak to guests and answer questions. Melanie Weber and Louis Atchison, the lead for the Launch Pad Team and chief of Launch and Recovery Operations, respectively, will give two presentations together – don't miss this opportunity to connect with them before they make history!


Melanie’s roles include the design of hardware that supports crew and cargo, and for developing ground operations and launch procedures at the Space Launch Complex-41 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. A fashion aficionado, she explores her artistic talents while creating different elements of the Starliner’s interior. She even had a hand in creating the landing airbag for the spacecraft that is actually modeled after vehicle airbags. Melanie will be one of the last people the three astronauts see before they launch.


Louis, on the other hand, will be one of the first people to welcome the Starliner’s crew safely back to Earth. In fact, it will be the first time in history that a capsule-shaped spacecraft lands on American soil instead of in the ocean. Louis also directs both the real-time integrated launch countdown and landing site operations for the spacecraft. An aspiring astronaut, Louis has been working for nearly 15 years on a variety of leadership roles including the complete lifecycle of complex space systems. From the design to the launch and recovery – this commercial pilot and certified SCUBA diver has seen it all!


So, what are you waiting for? Grab your $16 tickets to Science Night Live on March 2 and make sure you set an alarm for this unmissable opportunity to hear from Melanie and Louis – and ask them any questions you have about their exciting mission.

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