Should You Have a Wedding Coordinator? Let OSC Wipe Away Your Wedding Day Worries

From ceremony to celebration, should you have a wedding coordinator to help you organize your special day?

Many couples wonder if they should have a wedding coordinator, and who will it be? That is the question!  

Weddings seem simple enough, so why don’t you just do it yourself or ask your parents or friends to help coordinate on the day of your wedding? These are valid points and good questions.

The best answer we can give you is that an Event Coordinator will make it so whoever is helping you plan the wedding before, gets to be themselves on the day-of. They should be allowed to feel every emotion without having to rush and make the day run smoothly.

Decor at a wedding
OSC wedding decor

That’s where your OSC wedding coordinator will step in. It is different everywhere you go, but consider asking each venue what their onsite coordinators do for you.

At Orlando Science Center, our events team works closely with vendors, and have created relationships that make it easy to communicate and work together to ensure every detail of a wedding is covered. Venue coordinators are a great resource to bounce ideas off of, as they’ve likely seen what has and hasn’t worked in the past.

Bride getting dressed for a wedding

What can an OSC wedding coordinator do for you? 

  • Walk you through the space and talk through your diagrams and layouts to make sure your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception are set up just the way you want
  • Help move your guests from ceremony to cocktail hour, to reception
  • Speaking of Reception! Event Coordinators can place any DIY decor and centerpieces for you, as well as do checks with all your vendors to make sure everyone has what they need for set-up and the room is perfect when doors open
  • Conduct your wedding rehearsal and send everyone down the aisle on the big day
  • Communicate and coordinate with all your vendors for details like timelines, load-in schedules, vendor needs, etc.
  • Pack up at the end of the evening and send everything on it’s way with whoever the couple designates
  • Be there for you every step of the way!
Wedding decor centerpiece
wedding seating cards lined up

So, should you have a wedding coordinator? It’s easier to have a third party do these things on your big day. Coordinators are your representative and make sure what is important to you happens on that special day.

Whether it be placing a certain wine at your sweetheart table, putting out fires before you ever know something is off, or making sure you have your train bustled and boutonnieres pined, they are there for you!

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Harry Potter Wedding Details: We Solemnly Swear You’ll Love These Ideas

These Harry Potter wedding details are Gryffin-dorable!

Picking a theme for your wedding is no small feat. Some of our favorite themes are the ones in which you can see the couple's personality shine through in everything from their centerpieces and place cards to the music they choose.

One theme we love to see is Harry Potter wedding details! This beloved story involves magic, adventure, love, and creativity - all things that our couples love to incorporate into their big day

Harry Potter Wedding Details- unbreakable vow
SNi Photography

From Unbreakable Vows during the ceremony to sitting at your house table for the reception, we have seen it all. Couples constantly surprise us with the creative ways in which they incorporate Harry Potter wedding details!

With Universal and Island of Adventure in our backyard, couples love to bring in stuffed Hedwig’s and other magical items found from their adventures to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Wedding Details table setting
Ashley Jane Photography
Harry Potter Wedding Details table setting
Live Happy Studio

Whether you are completely theming your wedding with all things magical, or simply adding touches of the Wizarding World here and there, the possibilities are endless! Even your muggle guests will be impressed.

Harry Potter Wedding Details- gryffindor table number
Ashley Jane Photography
Harry Potter Wedding Details- ravenclaw table number
Ashley Jane Photography
Harry Potter Wedding Details- hufflepuff table number
Ashley Jane Photography
Harry Potter Wedding Details- slytherin table number
Ashley Jane Photography

Make your day a little more magical with some of these touches Harry Potter wedding details:

  • Naming your reception tables Hogwarts Houses or places around Hogwarts
  • Give out wands for the send-off
  • Have a Harry Potter-themed photo booth
  • Use the soundtrack for background or introduction music
  • Theme out your wedding favors or place cards
  • Customize your wedding programs as a Daily Prophet article
  • Create some unique centerpieces with all your HP memorabilia
  • Do the Unbreakable Vow as you and your fiancé say your vows
Harry Potter Wedding Details- daily prophet wedding program
Danny Gorman Photography
Harry Potter Wedding Details- wedding favor
Live Happy Studio
Harry Potter Wedding Details- wedding favors
Nick & Lauren Photography

No matter what, magic will be in the air on your special day. And when you look back and are asked if it’s still a magical day, “after all this time”, you can reply ...“always”.

Harry Potter Wedding Details decor
Ashley Jane Photography

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Wedding Weather Backups: Why You Should Love Your Backup Plan Too!

If there's one thing we know about planning a Florida wedding... weather backups are a must!

You’ve spent weeks, months, maybe even years planning your big day and you’ve likely picked a date well before the weather could be predicted. The day finally comes and the weather is looking more like rain than sunshine. Well, on the bright side, they do say that rain on your wedding day is good luck, however it definitely puts a damper on your outdoor venue. What now?

Since you’re unlikely to know the weather forecast until your wedding is just around the corner, having a weather backup to rely on just in case is important. In the best case scenario, you don’t even wind up having to depend on your back up plan. However, if you’ve been planning for contingencies, having to depend on your weather backups doesn’t have to mean your special day is ruined!

Planning ahead and ultimately loving both plan A and plan B will give you one less thing to worry or stress about on the day of your wedding. Think about it this way: Having a back up plan that makes you feel like nothing can rain on your parade, not even rain itself, is better than a last minute backup plan that makes you feel uncomfortable. It may not have been your first choice, but your wedding weather back ups shouldn’t feel like a punishment.

A good way to approach coming up with a “second best” option to your well thought out, picture perfect day, is to understand that your original plan and your weather back up will be siblings, not twins. Enough alike to capture and incorporate all of the things that are important to you on your wedding day, but different, unique and special in their own ways.

In our experience with an outdoor venue space, as well as calling Florida and its unpredictable weather home, having a back up plan can grant couples peace of mind that their wedding day can still be perfect, rain or shine. It’s also important for couples to talk through what their back up plan looks like. 

Whether it be a wedding planner, or in the case of our venue a coordinator which our couples work with months prior to their wedding, it’s crucial to sit and talk through the nitty gritty details:

  • Who should the coordinator contact when it’s time to make a weather call?

Oftentimes our couples want to be contacted directly, while other times they do not want to worry and leave it in the hands of mom or maid of honor.

  • What time does the call need to be made to move to plan B?

In some instances these calls need to be made as far out as a week in advance to make sure everything needed is available. In our case, we typically make the call about 3PM day-of to hold out for any unexpected changes in weather.

  • What will your indoor/backup space look like?

You have your wedding weather backups. Great! Now it’s time to talk about what your outdoor wedding would look like indoors. Our coordinators work closely with couples to put together room layouts based on the couples needs. This includes a weather backup in our indoor reception space, DinoDigs. It’s important to make sure that details like table placements, power needs, spacing, etc. all translate nicely if needed.

  • Who will connect with all your vendors?

Conversations about weather backups should be had with all your vendors. Our coordinators reach out to vendors when planning what plan B will look like to ensure all their needs will be met, and in the case that we need to move inside, the coordinators will call and communicate the new plan of action to everyone. If your venue does not have a coordinator, and you will not be using a wedding planner, make sure you are checking in with everyone who may be affected by this change.

The Terrace floor plan
DinoDigs floor plan

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. The planning, while exciting, can also be a bit overwhelming at times. The best tips we can offer for couples who want to make sure they have all the little details covered, without having to stress on their big day, is simply to ask your vendors and your venue lots of questions, talk through the different possible scenarios that you may encounter, and trust that even if weather drives your wedding inside your vendors will work nonstop to make sure your day is just as special.

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