Star-Studded Evenings

Star-Studded Evenings are your opportunity to experience some of Orlando Science Center’s programming after dark at a reduced ticket price!

Peer into the cosmos with the Observatory’s 10″ Byers refracting telescope for an out-of-this world view of various celestial objects. Winter time brings cooler weather, early sunset and recognizable constellations like Orion, Taurus and Cassiopeia. Star-Studded Evenings are perfect for date nights, scout groups, amateur astronomers and stargazing with friends and family.

Be sure to check out a stellar movie in the Digital Adventure Theater before or after your stargazing at 5:10 p.m. and 7:50 p.m. To find out what films will be playing, visit the theater schedule.

NOTE: Exhibit halls will be closed during Star-Studded Evenings.