Say Farewell to the Turtles, Experience Special Science And Take A Trip to Australia during Labor Day Weekend At Orlando Science Center!

Looking for a way to spend Labor Day Weekend with your family and friends? Head to Orlando Science Center for some engaging, hands-on (and air conditioned) fun and discovery!

Put your ninja skills to the test one final time with the four heroes in a half-shell

Don’t miss your last chance to bond with family while working together to solve a series of challenges, collaborative games, mind-teasing puzzles, and more! It’s a total shell-a-bration in Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secrets of The Sewer exhibit, presented by Nemours Children’s Health System. Put on your ninja masks and get ready to work together to defeat evil! Build new skills with friends, family, and fellow ninjas in training. Discover the power of cooperation and problem-solving as you face a series of challenges putting your skills to the test! Your crew will walk away with a bond as strong as this lean, mean, green team!

Enjoy Animal Encounters, Challenge Your Creativity and More Special Programming

Come face to face with alligators, spiders, snakes and many more animals in NatureWorks! Learn about animals native to the Florida ecosystem as well as nonnative species, and how you can be a friend to animals around you. From natural science of physical science and chemistry, you’ll have several opportunities to learn and explore. Plus, enjoy self-led experiments in Dr. Dare’s Lab, and fine tune your maker skills in The Hive: A Makerspace.





Take a trip to Australia without leaving Orlando!

Experience Australia’s Great Wild North – Premiering in 3D on September 1

Far Northern Australia is a land of extremes. The coast, rivers and waterholes are haunted by sharks. The plains are guarded by territorial buffalo and venomous snakes, but the apex predator here is a living dinosaur: the salt water crocodile.


Australia’s Great Wild North will take viewers across this rugged continent, from the wild Kimberly coast through the mysterious and rarely seen Arnhem Land and deep into the world’s oldest rain forest in Cape York. Click here for show times.

Labor Day weekend, and every day, is a wonderful time to engage your curiosity, bond with family and friends, explore the world around you and try something new at Orlando Science Center! Join us for exhibits, giant-screen films, live shows, animal encounters and four floors designed to jumpstart your brain and engage all ages. Orlando Science Center is open on Labor Day from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Celebrate World Turtle Day on May 23!

If the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secrets of the Sewer exhibit has gotten you out of your shell, now is the best time to learn how you can be a friend to more than 30 species of turtles that call Florida home! With these little reptiles being a staple of our lakes and oceans, it’s easy to forget how turtley remarkable they really are. Can you believe some of your neighborhood turtles could possibly be older than you?


These tough creatures may have shells made of over 50 bones, but they still need our help to survive. With 61% of freshwater turtle species and nearly all sea turtle species endangered, it’s up to us to take some easy steps to protect our favorite semi-aquatic neighbors.

Here are Four Ways You Can Help Save Turtles

  • Many plastic items are mistaken as food by turtles when they end up in our waterways. Using reusable bags, straws and water bottles not only saves you money, but also helps protect our ecosystem.
  • Litter on our beaches can be dangerous, especially to the 68,000 loggerhead turtles that nest on our coasts annually. Make it a goal to pick up any litter you find when having a beach day.
  • Give nesting turtles plenty of space and never disturb a nest if you come across one. If you're fortunate enough to see sea turtles hatching, maintain your distance and turn off all lights from your portable electronic devices.
  • Having a turtle as a pet is a lasting commitment not just for you, but for the turtle. Only take responsibility for one if you have a long-term plan. Many unwanted turtles are released into the wild and cannot survive on their own.
Learn More

The Chelonian Research Institute, Sea Turtle Preservation Society, The Central Florida Wildlife Center and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee are great community partners for anyone who wants to learn more about Florida’s turtles and what we can be doing to help save them.


Visit NatureWorks on the first level of the Science Center to see and even safely touch our beautiful native Turtles and Tortoises!


This information was sourced from See Turtles, Tufts Wildlife Clinic, and The Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory.

10 Ribbiting Facts About Frogs

March 20th is World Frog Day!

Did you know our NatureWorks exhibit is home to several different species of frogs? For instance, Frogzilla (pictured above), an invasive Cuban Tree Frog is just one of many frogs you can meet and learn about in NatureWorks. 


In celebration of these hoppy creatures, here are 10 ribbiting facts about frogs! 


  1. American Bullfrogs can leap up to six feet!
  2. In the wild, a Poison dart frog’s toxin is created from their diet.
  3. Smokey jungle frogs can make a variety of different calls depending on their mood. They make a melodic sound when courting, but when threatened they will make a loud scream to distract predators.
  4. Unlike many species of frogs, Lemur frogs can bask in the sun for extended periods without drying out.
  5. Amazon milk frogs are named for the poisonous, milky-white fluid that they secret when threatened.
  6. Though the Golden poison dart frog is deadly if eaten, its natural predator, the Fire-bellied snake, has developed a resistance to the frog’s poison.
  7. Despite their name, Canyon tree frogs prefer to perch on boulders and rocks close to water rather than trees.
  8. American bullfrogs are the largest of all North American frogs. They can grow to be eight inches long and can weigh up to one and a half pounds.
  9. Lemur frogs can change color! When they are active, mostly at night, their upper parts turn brown. When they are resting, they turn green to blend in with the leaves that they sleep on.
  10. Milk frogs are some of the best climbers in the Amazon. They use their specially adapted toe pads to cling to branches.


Be sure to stop by and say hello to Frogzilla and all the other wonderful creatures that live in NatureWorks on your next visit to Orlando Science Center!

Great Outdoors Weekend

Join us for a weekend of discovery!

Unleash your wild side and celebrate Great Outdoors Weekend with Orlando Science Center! Kick off your Spring Break on March 14 and 15 and discover all the fun you can have just by stepping outside. Meet some of Florida’s most astounding wildlife, and take part in awesome workshops. Learn about the amazing creatures in our own backyards during the movie, Backyard Wildnerness 3D, and discover one of the last wild places on Earth in our new giant-screen film, Great Bear Rainforest!


PLUS: back by popular demand – everyone’s favorite live show, Animal Inspired! Our Animal Ambassadors are the stars of this show, which will teach you about technology inspired by animal adaptations.


Here are just a few of the thrilling activities you can branch out with during Great Outdoors Weekend!

  • Join us in Lockhaven Park for some fresh air and a scavenger hunt! 
  • Get your hands dirty and your thumbs green in Dr. Dare’s Lab with nature-themed science experiments.
  • Pick up some survivor skills in The Hive: A Makerspace! Learn about knot-tying, cartography, nature sketching, and more!
  • Journey to the Great Bear Rainforest in the Dr. Phillips CineDome to discover the extraordinary all-white spirit bears that were once thought to be a myth. Then, look closer to home with Backyard Wilderness 3D in the Digital Adventure Theater to discover the wonders of nature in our own backyards. View showtimes
  • Put your survivor skills to the test with pop-up STEM challenges Emergency Shelter Build and Conservation Catastrophe! 
  • Meet some of our local community partners who are dedicated to environment!