Viscerality Full-Dome Experience Premieres at Otronicon 2019

Synthestruct’s Viscerality

Every year, Otronicon showcases incredible state of the art technologies. Many of which combine the creative arts and tech to explore how stories are presented in the real and the imaginary world. At this year’s Otronicon, Synthestruct will be debuting a rare, immersive full-dome experience incorporating Mi.Mu Gloves that will captivate audiences through a unique audio and visual experience.


Synthestruct’s performance, Viscerality, is an exploration of cutting-edge methods for creating visual spaces and soundscapes for real-time interactive performance. The artist has designed each performance element to work intimately together, and uses gestures and movements of her hands to directly control each element through the sensor-enabled Mi.Mu Gloves. The gloves communicate the artist’s movements wirelessly to the Glover software, developed by Mi.Mu team member Adam Stark, which allows her to route each communication to Ableton Live and TouchDesigner software, where she has programmed all the audio and visual elements. This wireless gestural control lets her step away from the computer completely during the performance and interact with the audio and visual elements in a more spatial and intuitive way. During the performance, everything is happening in real-time — the artist is the conductor, and only through her movements does the performance unfold.


Each aspect of the performance has been specifically created by the artist to be presented in a full-dome, as this medium is most ideal in delivering the optimal immersive experience. Due to the intimate and real-time connection between the artist’s movements and how the audio and visuals respond, each performance is entirely unique.


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About The Mi.Mu Gloves

The star of the show, besides Synthestruct of course, are the Mi.Mu Gloves, which enable the artist to control each aspect of the live performance. You might have seen these gloves demonstrated in a few TED Talks, as well as used by famous artists, such as Ariana Grande, in concert. They were developed by musician and artist Imogen Heap, known for producing ambient synth-pop music. She envisioned a new approach of combining music software with tangible tools, when she came across the idea of producing music with a pair of gloves. The Mi.Mu Gloves were born! The gloves provide the most unique performances, and you can experience them through Viscerality.


Meet Synthestruct 

Orlando-based artist Synthestruct is an interactive and audiovisual designer who incorporates sensors and creative coding as a means of connecting with the world around us. In September, Synthestruct was recognized as one of the “Women In The Lead” at the Music Tech Festival Stockholm, where she met Imogen Heap who spearheaded the Mi.Mu glove project, and Kelly Snook, one of the Mi.Mu glove’s creators. Synthestruct had been working with the gloves to explore new creative tools for live control for her audiovisual performances and has been working closely with the Science Center to present Viscerality in the Dr. Phillips CineDome. Her work has been featured at the Orlando Science Center over the years, from her interactive dance visualizer ‘REACT’ at last year’s Otronicon to her interactive installations, permanently on display in OSC’s Fusion: A STEAM Gallery.


She evolves her work through the particular lens of cymatics — the study of sound visualization. Through this lens she has created and performed live full-dome audio visual experiences around the world. From Montreal to Stockholm, Synthestruct has provided international audiences with spectacular presentations showcasing an incredibly rare medium of storytelling.

“I have this extreme desire to create, and to explore the things that I create, in more intuitive ways. Connecting with the sound and with the visuals using the gloves (Mi.Mu) is the ultimate level of connection with what I’m creating. “

Synthestruct is the creator, performer, designer or shall we just say — wizard behind Viscerality. Everything from the audio you hear to the visions you see will have been originally produced by the artist. Don’t miss this exciting and unparalleled opportunity to witness Synthestruct’s Viscerality–exclusively at Otronicon, January 18-21.

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