Top 10 Ways To Practice Conservation This Earth Day

Become a conservation hero this Earth Day!

From upcycling your old items to being a friend to animals, there’s no limit to what you can do. Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with these 10 creative and exciting ways to have fun while protecting our planet.

  1. Upcycle water bottles Recycling your plastic water bottles is great. Upcycling them to become planters is even better! Simply cut off the top of your water bottle to any height you desire and you’ll have the perfect vessel to hold your soil and plant. Make it an art project by painting and decorating your new planter.
  2. Upcycle newspapers – Did you know that 69% of newspapers are thrown away every day? Instead of tossing your newspaper after reading it, make some beautiful and functional decorations for your home. All you need to make unique coasters for your table is a newspaper, raw spaghetti strands, and a quilling tool.
  3. Upcycle glass jars Turn your used sauce and salsa jars into storage containers! Simply wash them out with soap and water, and let your imagination do the rest! From making a piggybank to a makeup brush holder, the possibilities are endless.
  4. Create recycled projects in The Hive: A Makerspace Join us at Orlando Science Center in The Hive: A Makerspace. It’s the perfect place to unleash your creativity. Make custom embroidered patches and turn someone else’s trash into your treasure at our Embroidery and Recycled Art workshop. Or become a friend to bees by making a bee house out of wood scraps in our Bee House workshop! Check out our upcoming workshops in The Hive here. 
  5. Watch for wildlife when driving Take the extra moment to look for wildlife that may be crossing the street when you’re driving. Be aware that animals like squirrels, armadillos, opossums and deer tend to run across the street, especially near wooded areas.
  6. Leave water out for animals As temperatures start to rise, it’s important to give your backyard neighbors as many sources of water as possible. A bird bath can look lovely in your yard and provide water for birds, squirrels and deer. You can also simply leave a bowl of water in the shade to help many other animals stay refreshed.
  7. Carpool to work or school Take a break from using gas every day by sharing driving responsibilities with a colleague or classmate. Carpooling not only reduces your carbon footprint, it also saves you money and gives you a travel buddy during your morning commute.
  8. Pick up litter at the beach – Make it a goal to pick up as much litter as possible during your next beach day or outdoor adventure. Make a competition out of it—whoever picks up the most litter wins!
  9. Plant a garden – Flowers and other plants won’t only make your home look even more beautiful, they’ll also help the planet! By putting more plants in your yard, you can attract species like butterflies and bees. These pollinators will help keep your garden and other wildlife in your community healthy.
  10. Bike to your local destinations Reduce your carbon footprint and support your health by riding your bike instead of driving! Feel good from the rush of endorphins that comes with exercising and knowing you’re helping the environment.