Fairy Tale Weekend Presented by Florida Prepaid

Hear ye, hear ye!  

 The Kingdom of KidsTown would like to cordially invite you to join us as we celebrate Fairy Tale Weekend presented by Florida Prepaid College Plans! Steer your horse-drawn carriage over to Orlando Science Center February 8 & 9 to celebrate an enchanting weekend of STEM learning inspired by your favorite fables. 


By using fairy tales and stories, kids aren’t just learning, they’re excited to learn, and they take those lessons with them. Our young guests love these fables, and it’s a unique opportunity to harness that, and help children and families to write and celebrate their own story!


Cross the troll bridge if you dare and join us for hands-on fun! Fairy Tale Weekend is going to be one for the books! 


Event Table of Contents: 


•  Go on an enchanted quest! Adventure your way through KidsTown to help feed a hangry dragon 


•  Put your engineering skills to the test and see if you can build a castle worthy of royalty! 


•  Dress to impress! Wear your favorite family-friendly fantasy costume! 


•  Whether you’re a jester or a dragon, head to DinoDigs to make and take your own crown, wand, storybook, and more! 


•  Brew up some magic in Dr. Dare’s Lab, and learn about the chemistry behind magic potions. 


•  Meet real-life explorer, Dr. Pål Brekke as he shares the history and science behind the breathtaking Northern Lights.



Admission to Orlando Science Center is FREE for members*, $21 for adults, $19 for seniors and students, and $15 for youth (ages 2 – 11). Tickets include access to all four floors of exhibits, giant-screen and 3D educational films, and live programming.


SCIENCE FOR ALL – General Admission Access Program: 

If you have an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) or WIC card with a State issued photo ID matching the name and state as the card, you qualify for a $3 admission per person for up to six individuals.


*Become a member for unlimited access to Orlando Science Center all year long, discounts to camps, and special member-only events!

Promoting Learning Amongst Youth: Lessons to learn in KidsTown

"Play is the highest form of research" – Albert Einstein

Orlando Science Center’s mission of inspiring science learning for life applies to even our youngest scientists! You may be all too familiar with the dreaded ‘Why?’ stage of childhood and the under seven crowd are certainly capable of asking some real head-scratchers. We know that children have a natural curiosity, and nurturing that love of learning can help set them on a path for success.


In our early childhood exhibit, KidsTown, there are lessons to be learned everywhere. Here, we’ll explore some discussion topics that you can use to enhance the educational impact of your KidsTown visit. Even if you don’t know the exact answer to all of those inevitable ‘Why?’ questions, it’s valuable to talk about possibilities together. Children will see that, while grownups don’t have all the answers, you both can learn more about the world we live in.

Here are some conversation starters for your time in KidsTown:


Orange Grove Presented by Dr. Phillips Charities

  • At the sorting station, sort ripe and unripe oranges. How many ripe (orange) oranges do you count? How many unripe (green) oranges do you count? Are there more ripe or unripe oranges in our Orange Grove?
  • At the packing station, you can pull one lever at a time to move the oranges up the ramp. What do you think will happen if you pull two levers at once? What happens if you pull three or more at once? What do you notice?
  • The plants that we eat need a few things to grow big and healthy – can you think of anything that’s important for plants in a farm or garden to have? What do you think would happen if the plants didn’t have those things?


Isaacs Family ClimbTime

  • Your heart does an important job in your body. Do you know what job your heart does?
  • Test your heart rate. What do you think will happen to your heartbeat as you climb and play?
  • Do you notice any differences in how your body feels after playing or working hard? Test your heart rate again – is anything different?
  • Think about the job your heart does. Why do you think your heart rate is different now?


Drip Drop Splash Presented by James M. Cox Foundation

  • Use the blue panels to create a path for the water. If we make a thin pathway, do you think the water will flow faster or slower? What if we make a wide pathway?
  • How do you think we can get the water to flow in a different direction? Are there any tools we can use? Let’s try that together and see what happens!
  • I’m noticing that some of the toys in this area float, and others sink. I wonder why that is. What do you think?

PNC Celebrates 15th Anniversary Of Grow Up Great

On Thursday, April 4, PNC Bank celebrated 15 years of their commitment to early childhood education through the Grow Up Great program in Orlando Science Center’s KidsTown exhibit. PNC staff brought the Mobile Learning Adventure (MLA), a traveling exhibit that provides an opportunity for parents and caregivers to learn about the importance of early childhood education while having fun with their children.


The educational exhibit allows parents and children to engage in unique, interactive activities — whether visiting a learning kiosk, imagining the future, or exploring the difference between a need versus a want. It's a great way to discover how everyday moments are learning opportunities. The hands-on exhibit offered educational games for children and their parents on two touch-screen kiosks. Activities included the “When I Grow Up” station, where kids dress up as different professionals and have their picture superimposed on an appropriate background.

PNC Grow Up Great

In addition, parents took home an activity book and a Sesame StreetTM learning kit created for PNC as part of a continuing partnership. The kit included a magazine for parents and caregivers, children’s activity cards and a book, along with an original Sesame Street DVD that demonstrates how to take everyday moments and turn them into learning opportunities.


Congratulations to PNC on 15 years of Grow Up Great! Orlando Science Center is proud to be a partner with PNC Bank on early childhood learning initiatives.