Enjoy Out-Of-This-World Films During Astronomy Month at Orlando Science Center!

Head to the cosmos with Orlando Science Center for Astronomy Month this July! All month long we’re celebrating the wonders of space and the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with workshops, live shows, Moon Fest, and a multitude of space-themed films. Learn more about the final frontier, and become inspired by those who have taken the leap into the great unknown.


Can't make it to the Science Center during the day? No worries! Catch screenings of your favorite films during Science After Sundown on Friday and Saturday evenings through August 10. Remember to combine your celestial viewings with telescope viewings on the Terrace! 


Captain Marvel 3D – Digital Adventure Theater

Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:50 p.m. July 5 through July 13

Captain Marvel is an extraterrestrial Kree warrior who finds herself caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle between her people and the Skrulls. Living on Earth in 1995, she keeps having recurring memories of another life as U.S. Air Force pilot Carol Danvers. With help from Nick Fury, Captain Marvel tries to uncover the secrets of her past while harnessing her special superpowers to end the war with the evil Skrulls.


WALL-E – Digital Adventure Theater

July 18 through July 21 at 5:10 p.m.

WALL-E, short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class, is the last robot left on Earth. He spends his days tidying up the planet, one piece of garbage at a time. But during 700 years, WALL-E has developed a personality, and he’s more than a little lonely. Then he spots EVE (Elissa Knight), a sleek and shapely probe sent back to Earth on a scanning mission. Smitten WALL-E embarks on his greatest adventure yet when he follows EVE across the galaxy.


First Man – Digital Adventure Theater

Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:50 p.m. July 19 through July 27

First Man, the riveting story of NASA’s mission to land a man on the moon, focuses on Neil Armstrong and the years 1961-1969. A visceral, first-person account, based on the book by James R. Hansen, the movie will explore the sacrifices and the cost—on Armstrong and on the nation—of one of the most dangerous missions in history.


Apollo 11: First Steps Edition – Dr. Phillips CineDome

Daily showings 

Timed to the 50th anniversary of NASA’s celebrated Apollo 11 mission, Apollo 11: First Steps Edition is a thrilling cinematic experience that showcases the real-life moments of humankind’s first steps on the moon. Watch as the filmmakers reconstruct the exhilarating final moments of preparation, liftoff, landing, and return of this historic mission—one of humanity’s greatest achievements and the first to put men on the moon. Learn More.


Journey to Space – Dr. Phillips CineDome

Fridays and Saturdays, July 5 through July 21, showtimes vary

Extensive interviews with astronauts Chris Ferguson and Serena Aunon give an overview of past space accomplishments, current activities and future plans, and the magnificent contributions made by the Space Shuttle program and its space pioneers.


The Search For Life in Space 

July 20–21 at 3:15 p.m.

Journey from the depths of the Pacific Ocean into the far reaches of space on a quest to find something that changes everything...signs of life, somewhere else in the universe. This film takes audiences from the surface of Mars and the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn, to the extreme lava fields of Hawaii and thermal vents deep beneath the sea.  The Search for Life in Space will make you re-examine such fundamental questions as: "Where did we come from?"


Fly Me to The Moon – Digital Adventure Theater

Weekdays, July 1 through August 9

Nat the fly loves listening to his grandfather tell stories of adventures from his youth. Desperate to experience some derring-do of his own, Nat convinces two of his friends to stow away on Apollo 11. The high-flying trio have the adventure of a lifetime when they must prevent a Russian bug from sabotaging the mission.


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Apollo 11: First Steps Edition Premieres July 1 at Orlando Science Center

“One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 50 years since the first spaceflight to land humans on the moon! In honor of this astronomical anniversary, Orlando Science Center has planned out-of-this-world fun for the entire family, beginning with the premiere of the breathtaking documentary, "Apollo 11: First Steps Edition" on July 1. 


On July 20, 1969, the national goal set by President John F. Kennedy to execute a crewed lunar landing was successfully completed. Thanks to a collaboration between CNN Films and the team of director Todd Douglas Miller, newly discovered footage of this monumental trip is being brought to the big screen here at the Science Center and all around the world.  


Apollo 11 gives us an inside look at one of the greatest achievements in human history, with more than 11,000 hours of uncatalogued audio recordings and never before seen 65 mm footage. See the moon mission from the perspectives of astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, as well as the spectators on the ground. This awe-inspiring film transports viewers back to the days and hours in 1969 when humankind opened the door into the future.


In a tribute to the entire team of writers, filmmakers, researchers, astronauts, NASA, and others director Miller said, “You remind us that great things can be accomplished when people unite for a common goal.”


If we can land a man on the moon, what else can we accomplish?


Want more space? Head to Orlando Science Center for the entire month of July for telescope viewings on the Terrace during Science After Sundown, World Rocket Launch Day on July 16, and of course – Moon Fest on July 20 and 21 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing with special programming. 

Five Interesting Facts About The Great Bear Rainforest

Great Bear Rainforest is now playing in the Dr. Phillips CineDome!

Run wild with the magnificent creatures that were once thought to be a myth! In Great Bear Rainforest, discover spirit bears, the captivating white-coated North American black bears that have fascinated indigenous people and scientists alike for centuries. Although these bears may look like polar bears, this giant-screen film takes place in the wild coastal islands of Canada. Journey with the spirit bears, sperm whales, wolves, sea lions, and countless other species that call this uncharted land home. With rare insight into the lives of the First Nations people that share a home with these creatures and the contributions of guest narrator Ryan Reynolds and screen composer Hans Zimmerman, Great Bear Rainforest brings these never-before-seen wonders to life.


With so much to learn about one of the last wild places on Earth, we broke down the top five facts you need to know before seeing the film.

  1. What are spirit bears? These magnificent animals can only be found in the Great Bear Rainforest, where one in 10 of all bears are white. They get their beautiful color from a rare genetic trait. Although indigenous people have protected them for centuries, it wasn’t until the 20th century that scientists even discovered these bears.
  2. Filming took three years, but was 30 years in the making – Ian McAllister, the director of this stunning film, has called the Great Bear Rainforest home for quite some time. For over 30 years, this award-winning author and photographer has documented and advocated for the protection of the Great Bear Rainforest.
  3. First Nations People supported the production – This film couldn’t have been made without the permission, knowledge and guidance of the First Nations people that have been living in the Great Bear Rainforest for centuries. You’ll become inspired by the moving stories of the next generation of young leaders beginning their lifelong journey to protect the rainforest.
  4. This film is about more than the bears – Don’t let the name of the film fool you! Great Bear Rainforest focuses on the incredible journeys of many fascinating creatures that roam the land and sea. Dive into the deep blue with sperm whales, run with wolves, play in the coastal waters with sea lions, and even join a feeding frenzy with humpback whales.
  5. It has a star-studded production team – A project as exceptional and exciting as Great Bear Rainforest attracted some of the most talented and celebrated people in the film industry. Enjoy poignant and humorous narration by Ryan Reynolds, an award winning-actor and avid environmentalist. Become immersed in the story with a breathtaking score by Hans Zimmerman, an award-winning composer who has scored more than 120 films. Feel the dedication and love put into every part of this film by the incredible production team.


Great Bear Rainforest is now showing in the Dr. Phillips CineDome at Orlando Science Center. Please pick up a daily schedule upon arrival for show times, or click here for our online theater schedule.