Get Down With The Dinos During Prehistoric Party Weekend!

August is Paleontology Month at Orlando Science Center and to celebrate, we're throwing a Prehistoric Party for your favorite dino pals! Join us on August 24 and 25 for Prehistoric Party Weekend, featuring a Cretaceous Carnival, DIY Fossil Necklaces, live shows & more dino-mite programming.


To memorialize the megafauna, we’re teaming up with the Florida Fossil Hunters, SKELETONS Museum, Florida Geological Survey and Imagine Our Florida. Demonstration tables from each group will be set up for you to take a closer look at fossils from Florida and around the world.


Looking for even more fossil-fueled fun to get ready for Prehistoric Party? Find out what dinosaurs roamed your state!

Prehistoric Party Programming:

  • Prehistoric experiments in Dr. Dare's Lab! Use a model to figure out how big a stegosaurus was in real life in Dino Displacement, use prehistoric dirt to learn more about a T-Rex. in Soil Analysis, excavate chocolate chips from a cookie in I Dig Cookies, and prepare a Rubber Chicken for the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife in Mummify Fred!
  • Make your own fossil necklace using wire wrapping techniques during the DIY Fossil Necklaces open makes in The Hive: A Makerspace presented by The Isaacs Family.
  • Enjoy a Cretaceous Carnival with different stations like an excavating a triceratops skeleton, assemble a triceratops skeleton, play a board game that takes you through the fossilization process, create and name your own dinosaur, test your Jurrassic knowledge in trivia, and get a dino-mite photo op!

Can’t make Prehistoric Party? All month long we’re celebrating dinosaurs with themed workshops in The Hive: A Makerspace, prehistoric experiments in Dr. Dare’s Lab and more. Click here to visit our calendar for dates and times.

Dinos In Lights Holiday Show

Add some sparkle to the holiday season and see some of your favorite creatures from the Cretaceous in a whole new light with the all-new Dinos In Lights show at Orlando Science Center! Join Stan the T-Rex and his fossil friends in DinoDigs as they show off their twinkling talent in a festive display of music and light.

Each family-friendly show will begin every half hour and runs for four minutes, concluding with a wintry surprise. Be sure to see it multiple times on your visit as the experience is different from every angle.