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So much has changed in the past year – from how our children “attend” school to how much we rely on technology to do more and more of our jobs remotely. But one thing that has not changed is how big we dream for our children, how much we want for their future, and how much opportunity lies ahead.

Orlando remains the fastest-growing STEM job market in the United States. And the pandemic’s disruptions are putting more emphasis than ever on technology and automation, which positions Orlando Science Center to inspire and prepare the next generation for jobs in industries that may not even exist yet.

We have adapted in the past year so that we can continue to offer exhibits and activities that make learning fun and engaging – virtually and in-person with safe social distancing. It is so important that we educate the next generation of STEM workers in this region. The Orlando Economic Partnership anticipates that by 2030, Orlando is projected to create between 254,000 and 482,000 new jobs.

2030 is when many of our young visitors will be entering college or nearing college age. So preparing financially for postsecondary education now is just as important. More than 90 percent of Florida families actually say college savings is as important or more important in light of the pandemic, according to a recent survey by the Florida Prepaid College Board.

A trusted Corporate Partner of Orlando Science Center, Florida Prepaid is helping families start saving early for college tuition costs -- encouraging them to keep in mind the certainty their plans offer amid these uncertain times. You’re setting a strong foundation for your child’s education by focusing now on their college savings, because when you save it sends them a strong message that you believe in their tomorrow.

And the earlier you save, the lower your monthly payments. A consistent college savings strategy now will help your future college graduate avoid burdensome student loan debt as they learn the skills to become an astronaut, study ocean wildlife or develop tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles.

Florida Prepaid, the largest and longest-running prepaid tuition program in the nation, is a trusted resource that assists Florida families with saving for their child’s future with plans that are flexible and guaranteed by the State of Florida. Florida Prepaid allows you to secure rates for tomorrow’s tuition and save, stress-free.

We thank Florida Prepaid for their generous support of our STEM learning experiences and look forward to the incredible achievements that participating students will accomplish in the future!

Florida Prepaid Plan prices start at $45/month, and they are waiving application fees for any plans purchased now through April 30, 2021.

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