“What did you do during your school break?” Orlando Science Center campers love to answer this question! Give your kids a productive and fun way to spend their time off from school with a program that offers kids the chance to learn more about STEM in an exciting, interactive environment.

Full-day school break camps are offered for Pre-K through Grade 5 when Orange County Public Schools or Seminole County Public Schools are out of session. This includes holiday breaks and any other days out of school.


Break camps run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Early and late care are provided at no additional cost. Campers can be dropped off as early as 7:30 a.m. and picked up as late as 6 p.m. A late fee applies after 6 p.m.

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Members Non-Members
1 Day $60 $70
2 Days $105 $125
3 Days $145 $170
4 Days $180 $210
5 Days $210 $240


Our preschool camps are available only for full-week registration:

Members Non-Members
4 Days $165 $185
5 Days $195 $205


2017-2018 Upcoming Dates & Topics

Monday – Wednesday, November 20-22

Grades K-2: Pokémon Evolve
Are you ready to complete your own Pokédex? Explore the amazing animals and environments that are the inspiration for Pokémon. Master the skills you’ll need to create your own fantastic creatures and go on a fun scavenger hunt to catch ‘em all! Pokémon is a registered trademark of Nintendo, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

Grades 3-5: NEW! Sports Science All-Stars
Ready, set, go! Get active with the science of sports by learning the pro tips you’ll need to become an all-star. Move those feet and master your technique while exploring the science behind the forces that effect every game you play.


Friday, December 22

Grades K-2: NEW! Dream It, Build It
Can you build moving machines that zoom through the room? Can you create a gingerbread castle that can withstand an enemy attack? If you can dream it, you can build it using STEM skills that will have you cheering for engineering.

Grades 3-5: LEGO Mindstorming

Bring LEGOs to life! With LEGO Mindstorm, we’ll learn the basics of robotic design and programming, then put our robots to work performing tasks and solving problems. Challenge other teams to a battle of the ‘bots on a tricky obstacle course.


Tuesday – Friday, December 26-29

Preschool: Whimsical Adventures with Jan Brett
Jan Brett’s stories and characters bring to life friendship between two total opposites in Town Mouse, Country Mouse; problem solving amongst large and small animals in The Mitten/The Hat; and teamwork with Gingerbread Friends. Put on your boots, coats and hats for the adventures that await.

Grades K-2: Pint-Sized Programmers
Before you ever invent a robot to clean your room you’ll need to know the basics of programming. Learn about coding, the language of computers, to make animations and music then build a working car that moves on your command.

Grades 3-5: Cardboard Arcade

Join in the fun of Caine’s Arcade! With imagination as your guide, face engineering challenges using only recycled goods. Campers will design, test, create, and run their very own arcade—all out of cardboard! End the week by inviting your family to the Cardboard Arcade Showcase.


Monday – Friday, January 1-5

Preschool: Nursery Rhyme Science
Is an egg’s shell weak or strong? Humpty Dumpty might know. What would sink or float in Jack and Jill’s pail of water? What made Jack come tumbling down? Is it a spider or another arachnid? Let’s check out Itsy Bitsy Spider!  Nursery Rhyme Science will use our five senses and the who, what, where and why questions to explore our favorite nursery rhymes.

Grades K-2: Pet Vets
What do you do when a crocodile has a toothache? How do you check a shark’s pulse? When our furry (and scaly) friends get sick, the veterinarian is there to make them feel better. Spend a week in vet school and get hands-on experience caring for your favorite animals!

Grades 3-5: Anatomy Academy

Dissect the systems of the human body, investigate the inner workings of a cow eyeball, and explore the respiratory systems with working pig lungs! We’ll see how cells make tissue, tissue makes organs, organs make systems, and systems keep our bodies functioning.


Monday, February 19

Grades K-2: NEW! Soar the Skies
Soar to new heights by designing all kinds of flying machines that will take you into the clouds and beyond. Create helicopters that softly land, stunt planes and the most unusual flying machines you’ve ever seen.

Grades 3-5: Expedition Bugs
You may know the difference between an insect and an arachnid, or how a spider spins a web, but do you know a superworm’s favorite food, or how much a caterpillar can eat in a day? We’ll collect and classify bugs of all kinds while investigating the world’s most diverse and outrageous class of animals.


Friday, March 16

Grades K-2: NEW! Wonders of the Wetlands
Take an adventure to the Wetlands that define Florida. Search for alligators, snakes and turtles while splashing your way through the water cycle and find out what kinds of creatures call these amazing ecosystems home.

Grades 3-5: Rockin’ Out
Rocks rule! Crushing pressure and intense heat are constantly shaping our world. Dig into an underground world of rattling earthquakes, erupting volcanoes and soaring mountains as you investigate why and how the earth changes every day.


Monday – Friday, March 19-23

Preschool: NEW! The Earth and I
Taking care of our planet Earth is our daily mission involving the air, land and water.  Let’s work together to design recycled structures, create a sun catcher, mix together birdseed cornbread and explore our environment – indoors and outdoors. Join us as we work together to care for our planet Earth.

Grades K-2: Who Loves Robots? WEDO!

Test your STEM skills by building a chomping alligator and a rocking boat, all from LEGO Education WeDo® robotics! Discover the basic principles of robotics by putting gears, levers and wheels to work. LEGO is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

Grades 3-5: Mindbender Mansion
Do you love to wrap your mind around mazes and solve even the most puzzling problems? You’ll be right at home inside Mindbender Mansion. Put your brainpower, math skills, and critical thinking to the test as you lead your team to victory.

Break Camp Registration

Teaming up with the Active Network, workshop registration can be done online anytime.

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