Ages 3-5 years

Pint-Sized Science is a drop-off program designed for children ages 3-5 to explore science with their friends. During this three-hour program, they will discover and learn about a range of science topics, from bubbles to physics to machines and more! They will be guided through simple lessons accompanied by hands-on activities and science-infused play.


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Program Information

1 Program = One 3-hour session

All program times: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.



Member Program Fee – $30
Non-Member Program Fee – $35

Per one child for one program session.

Member Semester Bundle – $315
Non-Member Semester Bundle – $270


Upcoming Workshops – Fall 2017


World of Weather

Friday, November 3

Rainbows, hurricanes, and snowstorms – oh my! Join our wild adventure as we discuss all kinds of wacky weather from sun and rain to blizzards and ice, and what it’s like to be a meteorologist.

The Eight Planets

Friday, November 17

Climb aboard the space shuttle and join us as we rocket around the solar system, touching down on each of the eight planets, and learning about what makes each one unique.

Sun & Stars

Friday, December 1

Twinkling in the sky during the day and the night – stars are everywhere! Come discover what makes these giant balls of gas (including our sun!) glow, produce light and heat, and create beautiful patterns in the sky.

The Moon

Friday, December 15

The man on the moon has invited us to visit him! Tag along as we learn all about this solid rock, why it changes shape, how it seems to glow, and why it looks like it’s made out of cheese.


Spring 2018


Simple Machines

Friday, January 12

Pull, push, and roll – these tasks would be a lot harder without the help of some simple yet very important machines and gears. Come discover the endless possibilities and even create a simple machine of your very own!

Magnificent Magnets

Friday, January 26

Magnets might look simple, but the things they can do are actually incredible! Investigate their magnetic attraction, explore their everyday uses, and observe the forces of magnetism on the movement of an object.

Powered Up!

Friday, February 9

Experience the power of energy! Join us as we investigate and explore the types and forms of energy we see in our world. We will focus on two main forms – potential and kinetic energy, and the various things in our lives that regularly use them, from roller coasters to our own human bodies!

Fun with Forces

Friday, February 23

Physical forces in full effect! Delve into the exploration of the many forces found in our world, and how fun they can actually be. Get down with gravity, frenzied with friction, and pumped up with air resistance!

Science with Dr. Seuss

Friday, March 9

One book, two books, three books galore! Come along and explore the science behind three popular Dr. Seuss books – “Horton Hears a Who,” “Bartholomew and the Oobleck,” and “The Lorax.”

Our Home Planet: Earth

Friday, March 30

Come along and investigate our home planet, Earth! Discover how Earth’s rotation on its axis causes day and night, conduct experiments exploring what Earth is made of, and learn what we need to do to take care of our planet.

Deep Blue Sea

Friday, April 13

DIVE, DIVE, DIVE! Come explore the ocean habitat where many living and non-living things are found.  Discover adaptations living things need to survive in this environment, and examine the concept of sink and float.

Under the Desert Sun

Friday, April 27

Get ready for some hot and sandy exploring! Discover the desert habitat where many living and non-living things reside, and investigate the impacts of sun and water in this environment and its inhabitants.

Trek Through the Tropics

Friday, May 11

Grab your rain slickers and hiking boots — we’re taking a walk through the rainforest! Come discover what each layer of the rainforest holds (from tiny tree frogs to powerful jungle cats), the various food and medicine we get from the rainforest, and why it’s so important that we work to keep rainforests healthy and happy.

Florida’s Backyard

Friday, May 25

Have you ever gone exploring in your backyard and found a swamp or pond? What was inside it? Come along as we get knee-deep in all the amazing things living in our Florida swamps and ponds, from gigantic alligators to microscopic insects!


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