Best In Fair Winner of Lockheed Martin Challenge

2019 Lockheed Martin Science Challenge Winners


Winners of Orlando Science Center’s Lockheed Martin Science Challenge

On March 8, 2019, more than 100 middle and high school county science fair winners from nine Central Florida counties flocked to the Orlando Science Center to compete in The Lockheed Martin Science Challenge. The challenge prepares students for their upcoming state competition by giving them a chance to present to judges and improve their presentations.


The students presented their projects to an impressive panel of judges including current and retired engineers, educators and scientists. The subjects included chemistry, computer science, earth and space, engineering, environmental science, mathematics and physics. Orlando Science Center’s Lockheed Martin Science Challenge aims to encourage teens to pursue their passions for science.


Each winner was awarded a $400 prize, while the Best in Fair winner was awarded with $4,000.


Congratulations to all the winners of the 2019 Lockheed Martin Science Challenge!


Best in Fair Winner:

Nina Reddy
Personalized Cancer Cell Weapons using CRISPR Genetic Engineering Year 3


Teacher Award: 

Joe Scott – Satellite High School

Junior Category Awards:

Chemistry – Ramsey Zeidan
"The "C" in Chlorophyll"


Biochemistry – Kyra Henriques
"Determining the enzyme inhibitory effects of the aqueous infusion of leaves of 5 plants traditionally used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus on glucose metabolizing enzymes"


Environmental Science – Alexandra Clow
"Forgotten Baby Syndrome Year 2"


Environmental Engineering – Lavanya Natarajan
"An Engineered Solution to Optimize the Hydraulic Conductivity of Highly Permeable Landfill Liners"


Engineering – Madeline Perry
"Tethered Technology"


Mathematics and Computational Science – Logan Blanken
"The Birthday Paradox: A Look At The Number 23 Through Experimentation And Simulation"


Intelligent Machines, Robotics, and Systems Software – Faith Collins
"Using Machine Learning to Develop an Image Steganography Detection Software"


Physics and Astronomy – Nathan Boonsanguan
"Dual Axis Solar Tracker Using Arduino Uno Controller (Low Voltage 5 - 12V Electrical Circuit)"

Senior Category Awards:

Chemistry – Chloe Johnson, Kindle Hon, & Taylor Hubbard
"Extracting Polysaccharides from Rhodophyta Plantae to Make Biodegradable Plastic"


Biochemistry – Angela Shar
"A Novel Study on Lactose Intolerance: The Correlation between the Chirality of Isomer d-Lactose and Observed Rotation of Polarized Light"


Environmental Science –Angelina Guerra
"Novel Unmanned Environmental DNA Collection Technique"


Environmental Engineering –Grace Thompson, Taesung Um, & Travis Koenig
"Wax Worm Gut, the Key to Eliminating the Plastic Problem: Degradation of Polyethylene Plastic Using Bacillus sp. YP1 and Enterobacter asburiae from Wax Worm Gut"


Engineering – Brooke Renstchler
"Fabricating a Novel Bioplastic Contrived of Chondrus Macroalgae Extract for the Purpose of Determining its Structural Integrity Compared to PETE Plastic"


Mathematics and Computational Science – Jada Jones
"Using Big Data Analytics and Fuzzy Logic to Identify Geographical Areas at Higher Risk of Future Active Shooter Incidents"


Intelligent Machines, Robotics, and Systems Software – Zachary Hohl
"Drones for Invasive Species Monitoring"


Physics and Astronomy – Haylee Darling
"Sustainable Energy: Can This Be Accomplished With A Permanent Magnet Generator?"


Demonstration of a science experiment
Science Night Dead Event on October 5