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NASA At Home Activities

It is important to explore science outside our walls and thankfully our friends at NASA have developed tons of activities for you to do just that! You can check out their main site for lots of ideas at www.nasa.gov/stem, but scroll down to see some of our top picks!



Things You Can Make At Home

These are some fun and educational activities that you can make at home. Be flexible with your supplies, if you don’t have one of the recommend materials, just improvise!



Build a Rocket - This lesson is designed for a classroom but can be easily done in your home with some simple materials.


Build an Astronaut Lander - Design, build, and test a marshmallow astronaut lander. NASA has a great guide that takes you through the engineering design process.


Stained Glass Earth - Take a break from the engineering and put the A in STEAM. This guide will help you make an awesome earth model that looks like stained glass!


Greenhouse Gas Models - This activity teaches you how to build different greenhouse gas molecules out of gumdrops. Don’t have gumdrops? Try substituting marshmallows, clay, dyed cotton balls, anything you can think of!



Quick Educational Games

Games can be an amazing educational tool when they are created with intention and NASA has made quite a few easy-to-learn games that teach a range of topics like astronomy, earth science, engineering, etc. Here are some of our favorites:



Command a Martian Rover - Mars rover engineers can’t just control their rovers like a remote-controlled car because Mars is too far away. Instead, they send groups of commands in batches and now you can try your hand at making some simple commands as you virtually pilot the Curiosity Rover!


Comet Quest - Learn about the Rosetta Mission that explored a comet and see if you can gather enough data to send back to Earth.


Greenhouse Gas Attack - This is a classic brick-breaker game with a twist. Learn about how heat gets trapped under greenhouse gases and use your carbon-capture ball to break through those pesky greenhouse blocks.



Take a Break Activities

Sometimes we all need a break from the lessons. These simple activities are fun way to take a break while still keeping your brain engaged.



A-maze-ing Women of STEM - Mazes are great. Mazes that teach you about some amazing women in STEM are even better.


Space-Tech Funpad - NASA has developed several different activity books and funpads to keep you entertained and learning. All you need is a printer and a pencil!

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