Curtis Kinetic Science Challenge

STEM Discovery Center

Next Competition: February 16, 2019

Assemble a team of tinkerers and budding engineers to compete for cash prizes in the Curtis Kinetic Science Competition!


This competition challenges students to transform ordinary and found objects into a kinetic system inspired by Rube Goldberg’s famous machines.


The Curtis Kinetic Science Competition is open to students in Grades 5-8, in teams of up to five.

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Application Deadline:
January 25, 2019


Curtis Kinetic Competition Registration

2019 Curtis Kinetic Science Competition Winners

Junior Division

Best in Fair: One Fish Two Fish
Farah Boodrham, Michael Nwaogwugwum, Ramiah Nwaogwugwu, Xander Gora


Teacher award:

Mr. Sweeney StarChild Academy


Best Use of Science: Banana Split
Brock Hooper and Matais Lopez-Torres


Most Innovative/Creative: Southern Tea
Mariana Sasahara, Adelina Torres-Rava, Jules Ortiz, Irena Rupinta

Senior Division

Best in Fair: Tom and Jerry Kinetic Kat Trap
Mia Lang, Alex Alfaro, Veronica Urdaneta, Ava Kaiser, Elizabeth Todd


Teacher Award:

Jodi Cooney Good Shepherd Catholic School


Best Use of Science: Let It Snow

Alana Sanchez, Mia Jimenez, Angelina Phan, Gabriela Pastrana


Most Innovative/Creative: The Toybox
Maddox Dxiedzic, Soleah Huggett, Nina Noguera, Amanda Rotolo