Curtis Kinetic Science Challenge

Next Competition: March 27, 2021

Assemble a team of tinkerers and budding engineers to compete for cash prizes in the Curtis Kinetic Science Competition!

The Curtis Kinetic Science Competition is open to students in equivalent middle school grades, in teams of up to five. This competition challenges students to transform ordinary and found objects into a kinetic system inspired by Rube Goldberg’s famous machines.


If you are a previous participating school looking for our Grade 5 competition please refer to the Curing Rising Stars event.

For more information about Orlando Science Center’s science competitions, please contact our Reservations Department at 407.514.2112 or email

Space is limited. If you are still interested in participating please complete a registration form. Completing the application does not guarantee a spot in the competition.

Application Deadline:
January 20, 2021

More Resources

Orlando Science Center will be offering support for participating educators by providing deep dives into what makes competition day successful and various office hours prior to the competition.

Space is limited. If you are interested in participating, please complete a registration form. Completing the application does not guarantee a spot in the competition.

Curtis Kinetic Competition Resources

We are also proud to offer Materials Budget Scholarships; please see the separate application for more information.

Materials Budget Scholarship Application Deadline:
November 20, 2020

2019 Curtis Kinetic Science Competition Winners

Junior Division

Best in Fair: One Fish Two Fish
Farah Boodrham, Michael Nwaogwugwum, Ramiah Nwaogwugwu, Xander Gora


Teacher award:

Mr. Sweeney StarChild Academy


Best Use of Science: Banana Split
Brock Hooper and Matais Lopez-Torres


Most Innovative/Creative: Southern Tea
Mariana Sasahara, Adelina Torres-Rava, Jules Ortiz, Irena Rupinta

Senior Division

Best in Fair: Tom and Jerry Kinetic Kat Trap
Mia Lang, Alex Alfaro, Veronica Urdaneta, Ava Kaiser, Elizabeth Todd


Teacher Award:

Jodi Cooney Good Shepherd Catholic School


Best Use of Science: Let It Snow

Alana Sanchez, Mia Jimenez, Angelina Phan, Gabriela Pastrana


Most Innovative/Creative: The Toybox
Maddox Dxiedzic, Soleah Huggett, Nina Noguera, Amanda Rotolo