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June 3 – September 4

Explore The Science Of Similarities With Identity: An Exhibition Of You!
With Support From: UCF College of Medicine

This summer, we are excited to unveil our latest traveling exhibit Identity: An Exhibition of You! Opening on Saturday, June 3, Identity is a three-part interactive experience that explores the science of our similarities and how they relate to our unique identities. In the age of the “selfie,” this new exhibit helps to answer the question “How well do you really know yourself?” by diving into your physical, psychological and social identities!

Physical Identity

First, did you know that no two fingerprints are alike? One of six interactive stations allows you to compare your fingerprint swirls, patterns and ripples to other guests! Delve deeper into your physical identity by playing the family match-up game and learning about the role DNA plays in determining our appearances. Then, fast-forward 30 years into the future with this station that not only shows you what you will look like, but also tells you how present choices can shape our future identities!

Psychological Identity

Are you an introverted, relaxed traditionalist? Or an extroverted, wired innovator? Find out in the second component of Identity featuring 10 activities designed to explore your different personality types and the unique factors that help to shape your perspectives. Investigate your psychological identity further by literally “hearing” your personality through songs based on five personality spectrums! Or, explore the role of gender and the part it plays in constructing our mindsets. Did you know brains are structured differently across genders? Take the computer tests to find out how!

Social Identity

Finally, venture into the concepts of social identity and the importance of our relationships and ethnicity in how we view ourselves with eleven interactive exhibits! Our identities are shaped by elements we can and cannot change. Begin to identify some of these elements with your own sociogram that maps out the important relationships that helped shape what made you, you! Next, look at the bigger picture. Find your skin tone on a color wheel and see how it matches with people from all over the world. The results may surprise you– maybe we’re not so different after all!


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