Exhibit Halls

As great as our traveling exhibits are, there are some exhibits that are the staple of the Science Center.

Orlando Science Center’s exhibit halls feature a vast array of exciting interactive experiences! Learning has never been so fun with these hands on educational exhibits. From down to earth explorations in natural science to the high-tech world of simulation technology, everywhere you look, you’ll find educational and entertaining opportunities to explore, experiment, and discover.

  • NatureWorks will have you up close and personal with some of nature’s most fascinating reptiles.
  • At DinoDigs, you’ll step back into the prehistoric age. 
  • Discover the dynamic forces and systems that shape our Earth, as well as other planets in Our Planet.
  • Explore the fundamentals of forces, such as electricity, gravity, Newton’s Laws and much more in Kinetic Zone.
  • No visit to the Science Center is complete without a trip to KidsTown, an interactive world dedicated to our smaller explorers.

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