Superpower Dog Day on April 28

Meet your favorite four-legged friends & discover their superpowers! 

Meet the super-powered dogs in our community during Superpower Dog Day on April 28! Watch search and rescue dogs practice their life-saving skills, discover the science behind these talented canines’ sense of smell and even give a superhero dog a high five! Superpower Dog Day is the final celebration of Orlando Science Center’s super-powered, super cool, Superhero Science Month.


Here are just some of the highlights of this paw-sitively spectacular event!

  • Meet real search and rescue dogs from Search and Rescue Central Florida and see them in action in DinoDigs.
  • Make your own recycled dog toy in The Hive: A Makerspace.
  • Learn about Superpower Dog noses, how & why dogs search for a human scent, & the effect of weather & terrain on a dog's scent.
  • Learn what to do if you get lost outside & how best to help a search dog find you!
  • Meet Florida Task Force 4 and learn how disaster search dogs are trained.


Don’t forget to see our newest film, Superpower Dogs 3D, and follow the lives of five dogs that are saving lives and helping people across the world. This remarkable event is a reminder that every dog has the power to be super!

Top 10 Ways To Practice Conservation This Earth Day

Become a conservation hero this Earth Day!

From upcycling your old items to being a friend to animals, there’s no limit to what you can do. Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with these 10 creative and exciting ways to have fun while protecting our planet.

  1. Upcycle water bottles Recycling your plastic water bottles is great. Upcycling them to become planters is even better! Simply cut off the top of your water bottle to any height you desire and you’ll have the perfect vessel to hold your soil and plant. Make it an art project by painting and decorating your new planter.
  2. Upcycle newspapers – Did you know that 69% of newspapers are thrown away every day? Instead of tossing your newspaper after reading it, make some beautiful and functional decorations for your home. All you need to make unique coasters for your table is a newspaper, raw spaghetti strands, and a quilling tool.
  3. Upcycle glass jars Turn your used sauce and salsa jars into storage containers! Simply wash them out with soap and water, and let your imagination do the rest! From making a piggybank to a makeup brush holder, the possibilities are endless.
  4. Create recycled projects in The Hive: A Makerspace Join us at Orlando Science Center in The Hive: A Makerspace. It’s the perfect place to unleash your creativity. Make custom embroidered patches and turn someone else’s trash into your treasure at our Embroidery and Recycled Art workshop. Or become a friend to bees by making a bee house out of wood scraps in our Bee House workshop! Check out our upcoming workshops in The Hive here. 
  5. Watch for wildlife when driving Take the extra moment to look for wildlife that may be crossing the street when you’re driving. Be aware that animals like squirrels, armadillos, opossums and deer tend to run across the street, especially near wooded areas.
  6. Leave water out for animals As temperatures start to rise, it’s important to give your backyard neighbors as many sources of water as possible. A bird bath can look lovely in your yard and provide water for birds, squirrels and deer. You can also simply leave a bowl of water in the shade to help many other animals stay refreshed.
  7. Carpool to work or school Take a break from using gas every day by sharing driving responsibilities with a colleague or classmate. Carpooling not only reduces your carbon footprint, it also saves you money and gives you a travel buddy during your morning commute.
  8. Pick up litter at the beach – Make it a goal to pick up as much litter as possible during your next beach day or outdoor adventure. Make a competition out of it—whoever picks up the most litter wins!
  9. Plant a garden – Flowers and other plants won’t only make your home look even more beautiful, they’ll also help the planet! By putting more plants in your yard, you can attract species like butterflies and bees. These pollinators will help keep your garden and other wildlife in your community healthy.
  10. Bike to your local destinations Reduce your carbon footprint and support your health by riding your bike instead of driving! Feel good from the rush of endorphins that comes with exercising and knowing you’re helping the environment.


Volunteer Appreciation Week

April 7–13 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week!

To celebrate our incredible volunteers and their contributions, we're highlighting the different types of volunteers at OSC. From working one-on-one with guests to learning about the Science Center behind-the-scenes, our volunteers work to ensure our guests always have a memorable experience at the Science Center. We’d like to take the time to showcase the extraordinary work our volunteers do each and every day.

Adult Volunteer Program

Have you seen one of our many team members wearing a blue volunteer T-shirt? These fantastic adult volunteers have donated more than 54,900 hours of their time to the Science Center in just one year! Our adult volunteers have diverse backgrounds and unique roles at the Science Center, but they share one important trait: they’re dedicated to inspiring science learning for life. Their guidance and enthusiasm have helped shape the lives of thousands of guests who’ve visited the Science Center.  


Catalyst Youth Volunteer Program

Young community members also shine at the Science Center! Our Catalyst Youth Volunteer Program helps youths develop collaboration and teamwork, critical thinking, cultural awareness, and many more skills for college and career success. Visit The Hive: A Makerspace to learn new skills from these future leaders, or wave to them as they help facilitate our exhibits!


Internship Program

Our Internship Program provides college students with the in-depth experience and skills they need to succeed in their future careers. From animal care to special events, interns work closely with museum professionals to gain valuable experience that can’t be found inside a classroom. Their innovative ideas, enthusiasm and desire to forward the Science Center’s mission, not only in themselves but in every guest that walks through the doors of the Science Center.


To learn more about any of these volunteer programs, or to apply, click the button below.

PNC Celebrates 15th Anniversary Of Grow Up Great

On Thursday, April 4, PNC Bank celebrated 15 years of their commitment to early childhood education through the Grow Up Great program in Orlando Science Center’s KidsTown exhibit. PNC staff brought the Mobile Learning Adventure (MLA), a traveling exhibit that provides an opportunity for parents and caregivers to learn about the importance of early childhood education while having fun with their children.


The educational exhibit allows parents and children to engage in unique, interactive activities — whether visiting a learning kiosk, imagining the future, or exploring the difference between a need versus a want. It's a great way to discover how everyday moments are learning opportunities. The hands-on exhibit offered educational games for children and their parents on two touch-screen kiosks. Activities included the “When I Grow Up” station, where kids dress up as different professionals and have their picture superimposed on an appropriate background.

PNC Grow Up Great

In addition, parents took home an activity book and a Sesame StreetTM learning kit created for PNC as part of a continuing partnership. The kit included a magazine for parents and caregivers, children’s activity cards and a book, along with an original Sesame Street DVD that demonstrates how to take everyday moments and turn them into learning opportunities.


Congratulations to PNC on 15 years of Grow Up Great! Orlando Science Center is proud to be a partner with PNC Bank on early childhood learning initiatives.

Superhero Week Presented by KidsTown and 321 Creative

Grab your capes and masks!

Orlando Science Center is transforming KidsTown into a superhero metropolis for Superhero Week from April 11 to 14. Power up with heroic crafts, games, stories and more and discover what makes you super. Don’t forget to wear your own family-friendly superhero costume! Join us on Saturday for special appearances from legendary superheroes, and you just might become their next biggest ally.

Unmask your inner hero with these super activities.
  • Crafts – Show off the power of your creativity with a different set of superhero-themed crafts each day. Crafts include making your own superhero mask, headband, shield, comic books, and more!
  • Games – Strength comes in numbers! Work together with your fellow heroes to discover everyone’s unique abilities that will help you defeat evil.
  • Stories – Join us for Superhero StoryTime and find out what it takes to be a superhero!
  • Superhero guest appearances – Join us on Saturday to meet your favorite superheroes that have saved the world with their bravery and powers.

All Superhero Week activities are included with general admission to Orlando Science Center which is free for members, $20.95 for adults, $18.95 for seniors and students, and $14.95 for youth (ages 3 – 11). Tickets include access to all four floors of exhibits, giant-screen and 3D educational films, and live programming.

OSC Seeks Local Partnerships For Pompeii: The Immortal City

Now through April 30, 2019, submissions are being accepted for artists and cultural organizations from around Central Florida to help bring the ancient city of Pompeii to life with complimentary art exhibits, educational lectures and artistic performances.


$75,000 will be allocated to support partnership programs and collaborations leading up to and coinciding with the run of the exhibition Pompeii: The Immortal City, opening summer 2020. Selected program partners will develop engaging opportunities tied to the rich and influential culture of ancient Pompeii and the Roman world.


“A critical aspect of our mission is to support the creative and educational community,” says Orlando Science Center President & CEO JoAnn Newman. “Orlando is well known for its arts and sciences and we’re excited to bring them together in anticipation of this new exhibition.”


Applicants can register at Partnership events and programs should have the goal of appealing to diverse and broad audiences. No proposal is too small, and collaborations with other institutions are highly encouraged.


Pompeii: The Immortal City exhibition brings to light the extraordinary achievements of this ancient culture through artworks, interactive mechanical devices and multimedia experiences. The media-rich exhibition takes visitors on a journey through time into the daily life of the first-century Roman town, and places them at the center of events, as they hear and feel the roar of the volcano erupting before their eyes.


Orlando Science Center is one of only four locations in the United States to host this exhibit, thanks to generous support from the Orange County Arts and Cultural Affairs Blockbuster Fund.

STEM Day 2019

Orlando Science Center leads the way to the Florida Capitol to highlight the importance of STEM

Leaders from science centers and museums from around the state are planning to join Orlando Science Center to celebrate Florida’s future of technology and innovation during STEM Day at the Florida Capitol on April 16, 2019. The goal is to engage legislators about the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education and to highlight the critical role that Science Centers play in inspiring and creating the STEM workforce of tomorrow.


Participants will be stationed inside and outside the Capitol building with experiments, simulators, robots and more! Throughout the day, state legislators will take part in hands-on activities while learning how STEM education helps grow Florida’s technological workforce.


STEM has evolved to become a critically important topic in education and industry. Therefore quality STEM education is more important than ever. Technology and scientific innovation are the driving forces of our society with great impacts on the economy and our standard of living. America’s standing in the global marketplace has depended upon being able to compete with other nations in scientific and technological development, and success requires an educated youth base and a talented workforce.


“In order for Florida to stay competitive, it is imperative that our children develop a strong foundation in STEM education,” said Orlando Science Center President & CEO JoAnn Newman. “STEM is more than a buzzword, it’s about our future. It’s about instilling skills for success in our young people in order for them to fill tomorrow’s jobs. Science Centers and museums help with filling that pipeline that runs from cradle to career.”


In recent years, less than one-third of university students in the United States have chosen to pursue a STEM field. Boomers are retiring and creating job vacancies, but colleges and universities aren’t producing enough STEM graduates to fill those roles. As a result, it is projected that the U.S. might be short as many as three million high-skilled workers in the near future.


Partnerships among museums, science centers, educational institutions and industry provide opportunities to engage youth by bringing STEM subjects to life. By presenting the real-world applications of STEM skills in visual and dynamic ways, students can be inspired to pursue further education and ultimately careers in STEM fields. And regardless of the field they enter, tomorrow’s innovators will need strong skills in problem-solving, critical thinking and teamwork to be successful. These skills are reinforced through active, challenge-based activities offered at informal learning environments like museums and science centers.


Thank you to our STEM Day 2019 Partners:

Five Interesting Facts About The Great Bear Rainforest

Great Bear Rainforest is now playing in the Dr. Phillips CineDome!

Run wild with the magnificent creatures that were once thought to be a myth! In Great Bear Rainforest, discover spirit bears, the captivating white-coated North American black bears that have fascinated indigenous people and scientists alike for centuries. Although these bears may look like polar bears, this giant-screen film takes place in the wild coastal islands of Canada. Journey with the spirit bears, sperm whales, wolves, sea lions, and countless other species that call this uncharted land home. With rare insight into the lives of the First Nations people that share a home with these creatures and the contributions of guest narrator Ryan Reynolds and screen composer Hans Zimmerman, Great Bear Rainforest brings these never-before-seen wonders to life.


With so much to learn about one of the last wild places on Earth, we broke down the top five facts you need to know before seeing the film.

  1. What are spirit bears? These magnificent animals can only be found in the Great Bear Rainforest, where one in 10 of all bears are white. They get their beautiful color from a rare genetic trait. Although indigenous people have protected them for centuries, it wasn’t until the 20th century that scientists even discovered these bears.
  2. Filming took three years, but was 30 years in the making – Ian McAllister, the director of this stunning film, has called the Great Bear Rainforest home for quite some time. For over 30 years, this award-winning author and photographer has documented and advocated for the protection of the Great Bear Rainforest.
  3. First Nations People supported the production – This film couldn’t have been made without the permission, knowledge and guidance of the First Nations people that have been living in the Great Bear Rainforest for centuries. You’ll become inspired by the moving stories of the next generation of young leaders beginning their lifelong journey to protect the rainforest.
  4. This film is about more than the bears – Don’t let the name of the film fool you! Great Bear Rainforest focuses on the incredible journeys of many fascinating creatures that roam the land and sea. Dive into the deep blue with sperm whales, run with wolves, play in the coastal waters with sea lions, and even join a feeding frenzy with humpback whales.
  5. It has a star-studded production team – A project as exceptional and exciting as Great Bear Rainforest attracted some of the most talented and celebrated people in the film industry. Enjoy poignant and humorous narration by Ryan Reynolds, an award winning-actor and avid environmentalist. Become immersed in the story with a breathtaking score by Hans Zimmerman, an award-winning composer who has scored more than 120 films. Feel the dedication and love put into every part of this film by the incredible production team.


Great Bear Rainforest is now showing in the Dr. Phillips CineDome at Orlando Science Center. Please pick up a daily schedule upon arrival for show times, or click here for our online theater schedule.

10 Ribbiting Facts About Frogs

March 20th is World Frog Day!

Did you know our NatureWorks exhibit is home to several different species of frogs? For instance, Frogzilla (pictured above), an invasive Cuban Tree Frog is just one of many frogs you can meet and learn about in NatureWorks. 


In celebration of these hoppy creatures, here are 10 ribbiting facts about frogs! 


  1. American Bullfrogs can leap up to six feet!
  2. In the wild, a Poison dart frog’s toxin is created from their diet.
  3. Smokey jungle frogs can make a variety of different calls depending on their mood. They make a melodic sound when courting, but when threatened they will make a loud scream to distract predators.
  4. Unlike many species of frogs, Lemur frogs can bask in the sun for extended periods without drying out.
  5. Amazon milk frogs are named for the poisonous, milky-white fluid that they secret when threatened.
  6. Though the Golden poison dart frog is deadly if eaten, its natural predator, the Fire-bellied snake, has developed a resistance to the frog’s poison.
  7. Despite their name, Canyon tree frogs prefer to perch on boulders and rocks close to water rather than trees.
  8. American bullfrogs are the largest of all North American frogs. They can grow to be eight inches long and can weigh up to one and a half pounds.
  9. Lemur frogs can change color! When they are active, mostly at night, their upper parts turn brown. When they are resting, they turn green to blend in with the leaves that they sleep on.
  10. Milk frogs are some of the best climbers in the Amazon. They use their specially adapted toe pads to cling to branches.


Be sure to stop by and say hello to Frogzilla and all the other wonderful creatures that live in NatureWorks on your next visit to Orlando Science Center!

Orlando Science Center One Step Closer To Funding For New Exhibit

Orlando Science Center is proud to have received Tourist Development Tax Application Review Committee’s full support for our $10 million request for our new exhibit, LIFE, and astounded to have received the highest score amongst any groups that have applied for funding through Orange County Government’s Tourist Development Tax grant program.


LIFE, our new nature and environment exhibit hall is Phase III of our ongoing multi-stage $35 million comprehensive campaign, Unlock Science. This campaign is necessary to help revitalize our educational content and renovate our exhibits to meet the integral STEM learning needs of our growing community. We have raised over $10 million to date enabling us to complete Phases I and II of the campaign, which include renovations to our popular KidsTown and STEM Discovery Center spaces, respectively. Our next phase of exhibit design and renovations will be for LIFE.


LIFE will provide the Central Florida community with an essential resource for environmental education, as well as acting as a hub for visitors to make meaningful connections with their local ecosystem. New interactive experiences will be installed in three distinctive habitats to teach visitors about our shared environment and how we negatively and positively impact the ecosystems around us.


To help broaden Orange County’s tourism infrastructure and strengthen the local economy the Orange County Government established a competitive Tourist Development Tax grant application program to fund projects that will enhance the capacities of local arts and cultural organizations.


Orlando Science Center submitted a capital projects proposal for funding in fall and presented the $10 million project LIFE before the Application Review Community for Orange County Government’s Tourist Development Tax in January. Last Friday, Orlando Science Center’s project for LIFE, along with four other local arts and cultural entities, were evaluated and scored by the Application Review Committee.  The Application Review Committee’s recommendations will now move forward for the consideration of the Tourist Development Council and later to the Board of County Commissioners.


Initial development of the exhibit can begin once funding is approved and confirmed.