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Registration for summer camps is still open! Orlando Science Center summer camps provide a safe, fun, nurturing environment that promotes hands-on learning while fostering excitement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Our program encourages 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and communication necessary for our children to thrive. Get your science on this summer!

Orlando Science Center believes strongly in fostering STEM interest in middle and high school. Research has shown that engaging students in authentic STEM-based programs in the pre-college years increases students’ potential to pursue STEM careers. Our STEM-based summer camps offer hands-on curricula and provide a safe place to experiment with science. Our goal is to inspire students by providing them with the opportunity to learn more about STEM, even while they’re out of school!

Below are details on our Summer Academy camps for grades 5 through 9. To see all camp themes and details about the program, download the 2018 Summer Camps Guide.

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Grades 5 – 6 Programs
All camps for grades 5-6 include one full-day field trip. 


May 28 – June 1; June 18 – 22

May the science be with you! Discover how futuristic, science fiction technologies are becoming a reality by becoming a SciFi Jedi! We will explore the science behind the force, lightsabers, droids, and other technologies of tomorrow. Learn about the history of our universe from long, long ago as we explore how planetary bodies form. Join us, young padawan!



June 4 – 8; July 16 – 20

Printers aren’t only for paper anymore! Now you can use a 3D printer to create a model of your own drawing. Join us as we watch our own creations grow right before our eyes. We’ll also discover how scientists, engineers, and even doctors are using 3D printers to improve our lives.


June 11 – June 15; July 23 – 27

Ever wonder what’s inside the things around you? Roll up your sleeves and delve into the guts of everything from toasters to sheep hearts. Pull apart a computer and carefully dissect an egg all while learning how things are constructed.



June 25 – 29

Think chemistry is only for laboratories? Think again! Check out how chefs, cooks, and everyday people use chemistry to prepare our favorite foods. Experiment with ingredients to make baked goods rise, turn liquid egg yolk into a solid, and more!



July 2 – 6; July 30 – August 3

Want to become the ultimate Pokémon Master?! Using Pokémon Go and local PokéStops we’ll examine this imaginative world, and the science behind it. Investigate how characters evolve, how their adaptations are the key to winning a battle and how technology like global positioning can help you catch ‘em all! Pokémon is a registered trademark of Nintendo, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.



July 9 – 13; August 6 – 10

Spend a week becoming a NatureWorks Ambassador with a behind-the-scenes look at the popular exhibit focused on animals and their ecosystems. Help develop a NatureWorks expansion; see how chemistry, physics and biology play a major role in the care of a wide range of animals; and explore the world of animal husbandry by training tortoises.


Grades 7 – 9 Programs
All camps for grades 7-9 include two full-day field trips. 



May 28 – June 1

Design your way through a series of exciting team-based engineering challenges that will spark your creativity and put your STEM skills to the test. Plan and construct a working boat that stays afloat while being captained by one of your teammates, and engineer an escape route from a treacherous island that keeps your team safe.



June 4 – 8

You don’t always need an advanced degree to do scientific research! Citizen scientists are everyday people who gather data and contribute to the greater good of science. With the help of these volunteer citizens, scientists have discovered new species, deepened their understanding of the universe, tracked changes in water quality and so much more. In this camp, you’ll join the movement to help scientists understand and improve our world!


June 11 – 15

Have you ever wondered how to make wearable technology, create your own 3D deigns, or produce creative original artwork? Become a part of the Maker Revolution, then acquire a variety of skills you can use to create, build, design, and discover. Draw inspiration from scientists, engineers, and artists in this unique STEAM camp!



June 18 – 22

We live in a world controlled by powerful computers and machines that keep us connected, informed and more efficient than ever. Explore the future of automation through robotics and simulations by developing submersible robotics and becoming immersed in simulations for space travel, emergency medicine and game design.



June 25 – 29

Learn to write and code stories through the use of programming software including Alice, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino to bring life to your most creative ideas. Code your own animated story and become a power programmer with an Hour of Code. It’s as easy as 01, 10, 11!



July 2 – 6

Like ParaNorman and The Nightmare Before Christmas,” we’ll bring clay, LEGOs, and everyday objects to life on the big screen! Using the latest in animation technology and stop-motion cameras, you’ll develop spectacular short films to impress your family and friends at our third annual OSC Short Film Festival.



July 9 – 13

Embark on a freshwater journey through Florida’s interactive river and spring system. Explore Florida’s fascinating freshwater ecology with an unforgettable nighttime kayak tour to experience bioluminescent dino¬flagellates in Florida’s coastal lagoons. Spend the night at OSC after our kayaking adventure and wake up ready to understand how living things react with their environment.


July 16 – 20

Are you ready to take flight? Begin your expedition and determine how planes, helicopters, and drones lift off. Become a pilot and guide your aircraft safely through the skies using aeronautical technologies, including Orlando Science Center’s NEW Flight Lab. Sit back, relax, and get ready for departure!



July 23 – 27

Dive into the food chains and habitats of Florida’s oceans. We’ll study the endangered loggerhead sea turtle and explore fragile shoreline ecology, while discovering new ways to conserve our ocean resources and protect organisms on the verge of extinction. On Wednesday, campers will spend the night at OSC following their turtle walk experience on Wednesday evening.


July 30 – August 3

How do scientists and engineers come up with innovative solutions for extreme weather and the global challenges facing humanity? From monster hurricanes and tornados to clean drinking water, what skills do humans need to survive these challenges? What technologies exist and are being developed to protect living things from negative impact from these events? Come explore how we can continue to adapt and thrive in our changing world using modeling software, engineering solutions, and basic survival techniques.

August 6 – 10

Analyze physical evidence, find hidden fingerprints, take shoe impressions, analyze hair and fiber samples and examine DNA. Through scientific observation, measurement, deduction and prediction, you will be able to close this case within a week!


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