A STEM-based education is critical to enhance the career potential of our children, which will result in a considerable economic impact to the Central Florida area. But the need for STEM education — and the sheer number of opportunities to make a positive impact on students — makes it obvious that Orlando Science Center needs the support of community partners. Fortunately, there are many organizations in our community that recognize the need to further STEM and have committed considerable resources to support the effort.

There are many ways that an organization can partner with us and help advance STEM learning. Some organizations choose to be directly involved in education programs both here at the Science Center and through our outreach in schools. You can find these organizations, and how they support our mission, on the Education Partners page of this site.

Others have become involved in OTRONICON, our premier annual event that showcases simulation and gaming, and demonstrates the importance of STEM in these fields. You can learn about these organizations under Otronicon Partners.

Still, other organizations choose to support the wide range of programs that are directly related to our mission, and you can learn about these organizations by visiting the Mission Partners page.

For information on partnership opportunities, please contact Alicia Frascati at 407.514.2014 or email

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