Seeing is Believing: Light Painting Show Featuring YOU!

By OSC on November 16, 2017 in Science Live!, What's New


Play with light in a whole new way!

You’ve tried painting with a brush and canvas, but did you know you can paint with light too?

In “Seeing is Believing,” you can! Catch the NEW live show at 2 p.m. Saturdays & Sundays this fall, accompanying the Playing with Light traveling exhibit. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

Through the science of optics, learn how light moves and interacts with the physical objects in our world. Using some pretty amazing light-detecting devices (a.k.a. your eyes), you’ll discover how we’re able to capture light and translate it into meaningful messages. You’ll also find out how we are so convinced that what we see is the truth — and how our sight can deceive us sometimes.

In order to understand how painting with light is possible, guests will be guided through our brains’ process of combining separate images to form our perception of continuous movement!

When light moves quickly enough, you won’t believe the beautiful things your brain and eyes work together to create. We can even trick cameras into doing the same thing! That’s how film and photography are able to captivate us with variations of exposures, shutter speeds and apertures.

Make some memories and let your creativity shine as you wave, draw, write or squiggle with light at the end of the live show “Seeing is Believing,” and the camera’s slow exposure captures your artwork. Later, go to our Flickr album to download your photo from the show!

If you’re even more fascinated with light after “Seeing is Believing,” be sure to explore the traveling exhibit Playing with Light every open day through Jan. 3, or catch a Laser Light Show on select dates in the Dr. Phillips CineDome!


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