Science of Wine: Interview with Emily Ellyn

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Behind the scenes with Retro Rad Chef Emily Ellyn!

When television chef and culinary educator Emily Ellyn is not busy writing or finishing her Ph.D. in Food Service Education, you’ll see her cooking up fun at food and spirits events around the world like the 6th Annual Science of Wine!

On Saturday, April 30, Emily Ellyn is taking over Dr. Dare’s Lab at 7:30 and 9:00 p.m. and will be hard at work testing her latest hypothesis.  Can her favorite adult beverage be remixed into a familiar frosty treat? Using the scientific method, Emily will formulate a Peanut Butter and Wine Jelly Snow Cone for a fun, delicious throw back to your childhood science experiments.

We were too excited to wait for the big event so we sat down with Emily Ellyn and picked her retro rad brain for some cooking with wine secrets and recipes!

1. Why do you like cooking with wine?

I cook with wine for the same reasons I drink it. It’s fun and enhances the food we enjoy. Besides imparting delicious flavors, it’s great in sauces and in marinades to help break down meats. It can also provide extra moisture to baked goods.


2. What is the most outrageous thing you’ve ever cooked with wine?

Definitely my wine jelly snow cones!

For a sneak preview of this delicious treat you can try at Science of Wine, check out the recipe here!


3. What is an unusual fact about cooking with wine that most people wouldn’t know or consider?

Probably how it can be used in baking. For certain types of cake, using wine in place of some of the fat adds complimentary flavors and can lighten up the cake. Also, you can use wine to brush the layers of a cake to keep the crumb moist. A great example would be my Champagne Pop Cupcake recipe found here.


4. How did you come up with the unique idea for the peanut butter and wine jelly snow cone?

I was experimenting with maltodextrin powder, and for fun I was trying to remix a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The peanut butter came out perfectly, but the jelly component didn’t really work. That’s when I came up with the idea to make it into more of a frozen substance that I could top with the peanut butter powder. Later, I added the wine for a totally rad adult version.


5. What can people expect from your presentations at Science of Wine?

Well, everyone can expect to have fun! First we’re going to learn how to make jam. Then we’ll turn the jam into a frozen granita (snow cone). And finally, I’m going to show everyone how they can make their own peanut butter powder at home. And of course we’ll all enjoy tasty samples.

Meet Celebrity Chef Emily Ellyn

Science of Wine retro rad chef emily ellynEmily Ellyn is best known as the Retro Rad Chef from Food Network; appearing on “Food Network Star,” “Cupcake Wars” and most recently as the winner of “Cutthroat Kitchen.” She’s also a culinary educator and food writer, who writes for “edible” magazine and is the Cake Genius at “Cake Central” magazine. When she’s not busy writing or lecturing, you’ll find Emily cooking up fun at food and spirits events around the world.

Emily encourages everyone to dig through their mother’s recipe box, dust off their pressure cookers, and take the old and make it new.

Don’t miss this rising culinary star, with her trademark cat-eyed glasses, demonstrate her latest retro-recipe-redo of your favorite classic dish at Science of Wine!

Learn more about your favorite retro rad chef and check out her latest recipes at

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